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Thread: My Sigelei 100w review...

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    My Sigelei 100w review...

    Hi Everybody,

    I am still a newbie to vaping (a few months) and after reaching the potential of the couple of mods I have, I decided to just go all out and get a Sigelei 100w to expand my range of coil builds and reach the potential of my 454 dripper and hopefully gain some more experience in vaping altogether...

    So from the begining I did a fair bit of research into getting a VV/VW mod in the 30 plus watt zone and after watching heaps of youtube clips, reading a heap of reviews on the net and forums (big thanks to everyone here with some good reading to be had) and talking to a couple long time vapers on the blower, I decided to go with the Sigelei 100 watt over the barrage of mods on the market in the 30 plus zone that are all very much around the same price range...

    From unboxing the unit seemed sturdy with a solid feel and a nice metal to metal clink when the door snaps back (love this magnetic door feature) and a solid press of the fire button... Before putting the batteries in I shook the unit and no rattles or noises coming from inside, so taking that as a good sign that nothing was loose i proceeded to electrify it with 2 Samgsung 20 amp, 2500mah, 18650 batteries... This did give some confidence in the unit and made it feel like it was worth spending the money on... I have spent not much less on other clone mods and out of the gate they have felt cheap and nasty...

    I built my 454 with a dual coil at 1.07 ohms for the first fire... First con, the adjustable pin being left hand threaded... It just gave me the shits and still does as a few of my tanks and drippers dont have adjustable pins and everytime I go to adjust the pin I wind it the wrong way first, maiking it hard to adjust quickly... The connector is also quite deep and will require adjustment for most 510 attachments...
    Idiot me after watching and reading enough about the unit was to excited and forgot to check what wattage it was set at and blasted myself at top watts because the unit is set to 100 watts out of the box (i pre-fired the coils in another unit to ensure they where working correctly before using them in a brand new unit JIC something wasnt right and I wasnt going to damage a new device out of the box)... So after re-wicking and juicing I adjusted the wattage to 10 watts and tried again... Too low and almost no vaper at all... So in 2.5 watt incroments built up till I hit a burnt taste at around 27.5 watts... The unit worked perfect from first fire...
    This brings me to the function screen and buttons... 3 buttons on the unit... +, -, and fire... Short simple and sweet... Adjust the wattage and vape the liquid... This is also the case for the function screen... Gives you the information you need and is easy to read...
    As this unit pumps out a bit of power the ohm meter on the display should be more accurate and show at least 2 decimal places and needs to be more accurate... I personally use a seperate ohm meter and test all my builds before firing but the unit read .6 ohms when on my ohm meter said .52 just as one example... This occured a few different times... So Sigelei or the chip manufacturer need to make it more accurate or remove the ohms from the display...
    One other small thing I found that will take some getting used to is the up and down cycle being a bit anoying as it is either press and hold and then end up 5 watts above or below where I wanted to be as the rate of speed the wattage changes increases on the button hold... Then you have to cycle through .1 ohm incroments for every button press to get to where you want to be... This is just a gripe and I know how when you buy a VV/VW you buy it for the control it gives you... So I can live with it ...
    This unit also is VW only as it designates the required voltage for the coils... For a newb like myself this can be handy as it removes a variable from the equasion of getting what you want from your gear and fluid, but for experienced vapers it may hinder you as the exact control you may be chasing isnt there...

    The power of this unit is immense... I spent a good part of the day doing different builds from singles to quads at a variety of ohms and it fired them all no problems... Subs down to .48 and 70 watts and singles to 2.93 at 15 watts and no issues on its part... Myself on the other hand will be investing some cash into some larger kanthal wire as to get to the potential of this mod sub .35 ohm builds are required to get into the 90-100 watt bracket...

    This unit has impressed me some what, but as a newbie and my first unit above 20 watts I think it should... From the power to the build quality it appears to be a value for money unit (as for unit life that still remains to be seen) that would be good for the newb and expert alike...

    Would I purchase another if I had the choice? Yes I would... IMO they are worth the $130 or there about price tag...

    Would I reccomend it to anyone? Depends on if they want a VV/VW unit and if they want to push the limit on what their body can vape... I Still cant hit it at 60 watts for more than 2 seconds... So It will take some getting used to before I start super sub ohming and hitting the 100 watt barrier... But I still have a unit that can run my Pro-Tank 3 with no issue and my 454 with sub ohm quads and any other attachment inbetween... So I dont have to throw my beginner stuff away and if I feel lazy, I can throw a $2 coil in my Pro-Tank or if I am feel adventurous and want to test my skill I can without changing mods...

    So if you got this far into this review, you're now thinking this tossbag is just repeating everything everyone else has had to say about the Sigelei 100w... Funny as i found myself thinking that while writing this review and I think it is because this unit is what it makes its self out to be on the box, and nothing more, nothing less... Good value for the money and just a power step above the rest...


    Please excuse my spelling and punctuation...
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    try doing 15/14 wraps of 24g kanthal on a 3.5mm drill bit in a single coil @ around 70w. You will get a lot of vapour but that`s just a side dish to the great flavour you`ll get. The hard part is getting that much wire under the top cap Im just waiting to get my hands on a mutation XL or a plume veil in a 28mm with luck the they might have a bit more deck space for bigger coils.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gungnir View Post
    Myself on the other hand will be investing some cash into some larger kanthal wire as to get to the potential of this mod sub .35 ohm builds are required to get into the 90-100 watt bracket...
    Why do you think that? You should be able to hit 100W fine on your 0.5ohm build.

    141W=70.56V/0.5 ohms

    I haven't measured it on mine and don't enjoy vaping that sorta fire, but 100W at 0.5ohms should be within the Sig100's capabilities.

    [edit:] actually, I think Pbusardo measured the max voltage output of the Sig100 to be 8.1 or 8.2V, but even so:


    To get 100W from 0.5ohms you need 7.07V, which the Sig is capable of.
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    K.rads right, there's absolutely no need to build that low to get your 'potential' out of the sigelei. The potential is in those plus and minus buttons that magically allow you to vape at whatever power you want withing a large range of resistance

    Good write up though!

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    Good review man. Ive had it for a few days, been vaping since i joined the forums. I went from a svd to a mechanical, waited and waited for something better as i thought i would want to play around and have the 100w available if i needed it. Turns out i dont and i vape at 20W max now, the plus side is the battery life though, in 48 hours its down to 80% without putting it in standby mode. Beats changing a mechanical's battery every day.

    Im very happy with my purchase as well. Chip and build quality is good.

    I will however sell this and get a new version with the floating pin when it comes out... I dont even change att's ever... You try to get out of buying shiny's and it just pulls you back in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fawks View Post
    I will however sell this and get a new version with the floating pin when it comes out... I dont even change att's ever... You try to get out of buying shiny's and it just pulls you back in.
    I actually really like having the adjustable atty connection. It's obviously a bit more fiddly to set up when you switch attys, but I love being able to set it up so that the airflow is positioned exactly where I want it. It can make leaking much less likely if you overdrip, and it just looks nicer and more symmetrical if you're a bit OCD.



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