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Thread: MiniAtty from mini-ecig - first impressions

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    MiniAtty from mini-ecig - first impressions

    I was going to wait until I'd used this for a while, but I'd better do it while the mood strikes!

    TLDNR: massive thumbs up

    The MiniAtty is a 16mm atty from the makers of the Microstick - and they're made for each other:

    With my lovely Spheroid for comparison:

    From the MiniAtty website:

    MiniAtty SS is a combined silica and genesis atomizer made from SS 316. It will perfectly compliment the MicroStick.
    There's no fancy packaging, but the MiniAtty does come with spare o-rings, a spare insulator, and an Israeli coin (for adjusting the juice control).

    The threading is smooth and the finish is excellent, as you'd expect from the makers of the Microstick. If you have seen Scott's review of a prototype, you'll know he had a couple of comments on the finish. The production version has none of the variations in finish seen by Scott.

    Scott also mentioned that some drip tips didn't fit. I've tried multiple tips, including one with a particularly fat o-ring that doesn't always fit atties/cartos, but the MiniAtty had no problem with any of them.

    I don't use mesh/genesis-style builds so I can't comment on them. I used 29 gauge Kanthal @ 1.5 ohms and KGD cotton - my usual build.

    The posts are quite close together, which isn't surprising in a 16mm atty. I had to use a skinny microcoil (1.6mm - the smallest rod that comes with Tigmann's excellent atty stand). The 2.4mm rod was too big, but that's fine. I'm no expert at builds and am as blind as a bat, so I found securing the coil to the posts a little fiddly initially. It took me a couple of attempts, but, considering how very inexperienced I am, it wasn't bad at all. I had no problem tucking the KGD tails into the wick/mesh holes.

    In the interests of doing this 'first impressions', I've been through most of a tank and have just refilled. I have a slight headache

    The fill holes in the top of the atty are small, so you'll need a bottle with a syringe-style tip to use them. That works very well, but it would be just about as easy to take the whole top cap off and fill with a normal bottle or dropper.

    The air flow is perfect for me. If you take massive deep draws, you might find it a bit tight. But with a nice fresh battery and a newly filled tank, I'm getting a very satisfying vape indeed.

    I left the juice control wide open and haven't experimented with it at all (50/50 juice). I haven't had a single dry hit. I do get a little bit of 'crackling'; I used to love the noise of cartos, so this little bit of crackle is a definite plus for me. There's no irritating whistle or anything like that.

    I've only been using this for a couple of hours, but so far it gets a massive thumbs up. And I've always loved my microstick - I'm definitely looking forward to getting my blue microstick. It's a pity I'll probably be in Perth when it arrives.

    PS: I just went back to the Spheroid for comparison:
    • The Spheroid seems oddly quiet now
    • If anything, the Spheroid's airflow might be a little tighter than the MiniAtty
    • The MiniAtty feels heavier
    • The posts in the Spheroid are a little further apart and shorter, and I think it's a bit easier to build
    • Because of the fluff holding the juice, you can more easily re-wick/rebuild the Spheroid even when the tank is full
    • Right at this moment I'm preferring the MiniAtty; that may be unfair as the build and wick in the Spheroid have been in use for weeks.
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    Thanks for the great review! Good job
    I think it's a fair comparison and it will help many people, since there are so many Spheroid owners.
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    Aww you couldn't wait lol, I couldn't sit on something like that either....
    I'd just be looking at the calendar then the letterbox alternatively waiting for the other one lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by JWH View Post
    Aww you couldn't wait lol, I couldn't sit on something like that either....
    I'd just be looking at the calendar then the letterbox alternatively waiting for the other one lol
    We know. You've got the affliction, bad!!!
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