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    Vapor Shark - where to buy

    Hi there,

    I'm not sure if this is the right area to discuss this but I am after a Vapor Shark. Can anyone suggest where I may be able to purchase one? Is it worth buying the new 40W version? If anyone can give me some info or links it would be greatly appreciated. I bought a Hana Mods DNA30 mini clone from FastTech but the fire button is broken & I have tried to patch it up. I am hoping that this product will be an improvement on what I already have. Can anyone discuss the product & anything that may get me up to speed with it? How does the size compare to the Hana Mods DNA30 mini clone? Alternative products may also be an option if anyone wants to comment.

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    I can't assist you any information about the Vapor Shark sorry, but if you decide to look at other options here's a list of some of the latest smaller box mods in the sub $100 range.

    List of mini/smaller box mods out now or coming soon ($20 to $100 range)

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    If you intend to use the temperature funtion of the rdna40 vaporshark then yes its worth getting one. Its one of the cheapest reddily available dna40 mods out at the moment.
    If you dont intend to use temp control there are other 30/40/whatever watt devices that are cheaper. Try the vaporshark website to buy one notice there is a back order and might take up to a month to get it.
    Otherwise you can look at some other vv mods
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