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Thread: Apocalypse mod runs on 3 AAs

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    Apocalypse mod runs on 3 AAs

    Not sure how safe this would be, might have to keep to higher ohms.

    4500mAh Mini Mod 4 5V Fixed Voltage Fits Any 510 Thread Replaceable AA Battery | eBay
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    Nice find.

    I have in the past built a couple of mods that can use Alkaline cells and they work well. The lowest resistance I went with them was 1.8Ώ. Obviously they were stacked cells and it worked brilliantly. The set up allowed me to revert to a single Lithium and the Alkaline were loaded into a cady in series that could just replace the dead lithium. I suspect it wouldent be rocket science to make this unit universal to allow both chemistry cells to be used. I like the concept.

    Have a look here for some ideas if you want to give the alternate cells a try. Nickle metal hydride and Alkaline can be interchanged if you like to fiddle around

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    When I got my first ego kit, and lost a battery in the wash, I used the parts to make a aa powered box mod. Still got it. Works well
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