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Thread: Kayfun (Clone Spring)

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    Kayfun (Clone Spring)

    So i just managed to lose both of the springs that came with my kayfun 4 clone. Anyone know where to get a good replacement without spending the 15$ for the official one?

    Edit:I got it temporarliy working by backing the airflow screw out enough to make contact with the 510 but this is hardly ideal
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    I've read of people modding their KF4s to carry a solid current for DNA40 temp control by cutting down the extendable section of a wee arial. They then place this around the spring so that it makes contact between the 510 pin and the deck when it is fully lowered.

    kf4 dna40 mod.jpg

    If you did that, you wouldn't be reliant on the spring to carry the current, so you could cut down any old spring (like out of a clicky pen) to replace your missing spring.

    You'd also have a DNA40 ready Kayfun!
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