Im a bit of an i slut. I have an i phone, i pad and for about a year now i've been using innokin (i taste) exclusively. I started off with a MVP which I thought was good but for some reason i decided a VTR might be nice as a back up and then for reasons of convenience, portability and ease of use, I got a couple EP's. Ive been happy with all of them but for some months I have only used the EP's. Ive now got off the smokes (finally) and have started to gravitate back to the big boys for better vapour production. the funny thing is that ive tried a few different clearo's on the market but always seem to stuff them up (probably my inexperience with variable wattage etc) and they tend to be leaky ... any way tonight i thought id dust off the MVP and chuck one of the EP's clearos in it. why the hell have I not done it sooner? my VTR isnt perfect for this and may look a little funny with a piddly clearo in it but if i was to just talk about aesthetics, i think the little EP clearo looks good on a MVP. the other thing is that it doesn't leak. my plan tomorrow is to take my EP's to work and use them like a holder/canister primarily and when i have a decent break i'll pull out the MVP and chuck a little clearo on it and choof away. my life is coming together piece by piece... I was tempted to sell my big boys but the EP is too unreliable vapour wise. Its seems some days it smokes like a small chimney and others it just doesn't do much at all.

My question is this:

only joking just wanted to waffle.