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    I bought a battery this arvo. Always pays to check!

    I would like to preface this story. So I bought a battery this arvo from a B&M store. I like the store and the owners, but it has a limited range. I personally know of quite a few people who have stopped or reduced smoking due to these peoples efforts. I like to support local business if the cost is not too much more than I can get stuff online. So I don;t want to shame the store, no hard feelings from me.

    Anyway, this afternoon i bought a battery. I bought what I was told was a Samsung high drain 18650 30amp ( 2600 mah I thought) to go into mechs.
    It was handed to me in a sealed cardboard box similar to what ego batteries come in some times.
    When I got home and opened it the box contained a Panasonic 3400 mah battery, 6.5 amps max. I recognised it from some I got for my dovpo transformer mod, from supersport.

    I checked online and that is definitely what it was. It may have even been a knock off of that, as the green and the capture thingy printed on it were a bit pale I think, compared to my genuine ones. It was the unprotected version, not the black Blazar version.
    The display one in the shop display was a totally different battery. No Black markings etc.
    The shop owner checked and that was all he had in all of the stock.

    He said " they must have sent me the wrong batteries". in the order.
    I said, that I hoped he had not sold too many to people wanting them for mechs and sub ohms etc. He said he has sold a couple " he thinks".
    I don't think he is capable of working out how to contact whoever bought them. It would be pretty hard.

    The lesson is to always google the batteries you have bought before you use them I suppose, and despite best intentions, mistakes will be made. It also reinforced how good it is dealing with a total battery expert like supersport.

    And I really hope no-one comes to harm from using the wrong batteries.

    So I am no expert at all, and rely on others being more knowledgeable than me. But in this case I knew just enough to check. But this could have been very serious right?

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    On its own, the battery is be fine. But for running low ohm builds, you wouldn't want to push it beyond 24W on a .5ohm (someone please check my maths)

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    4.2 volts & 6.5 amps pumped into Ohm's Law Calculator
    gives us a minimum of 0.64615 ohms & 27.3 watts
    Short answer: don't sub ohm this bat without a kick

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    If you push it till it's to hot to hold then there's an issue.. Actually, that battery you're talking about would go flat and require charging before it got hot. You wouldn't get what you're after and eventually as you did you will know something is incorrect. At the same time. Good for you for checking up on it. Lime B.

    By the way, I'd say in an 18650 mode you either should be buying the battery from the rDNA which is the orange/red LG. I believe 35A etc or the light blue Samsung 25 R I think they're 30A, but they're equivalent to the Sony VCT5 (Sony refuse to make them anymore for e-cig's). There are a few others like the MNKE 1500mAh but they don't last long and are also not a bad battery. Someone will correct me i'm certain.
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