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Thread: N200 build help

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    N200 build help

    ok so go myself an rdna 40 and am trying to do a coil build (not very good at them even with kanthal ) i am putting it in an orchard clone which needs 2 coils i believe but am having trouble getting enough resistance for it to run

    i have 28 g n200 wire went 12 wraps on the coils and set them up in the orchid but the vapor shark just keeps saying ohms to low and get bugger all vapor out of it what am i doing wrong any ideas ?

    can do much more than 12 wraps as it will touch the chimney i think

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Check the video in this thread out: The Best DNA40 video yet.

    It seems you need to get more wire into your coils, if you can't make them longer - try fatter.
    Wrap them on something thicker.

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    You are going to need 30g or even 32g for dual coils. Even if you do manage to make 2 big enough coils out of 28g there will be so much wire that it will take forever to heat up and won't work very well.

    This link might help with calculating coils: Coil wrapping | Steam Engine | free vaping calculators

    Based on the info there, even to reach 0.11ohm with dual coils made from 28g ni200, you would need an ID of 3mm and 15-16 wraps for each coil.
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    I've given up on dual coils with nickel builds, although I did manage to put one in a CLT dripper, 32 gauge, 11 wraps on a M3 bolt, 0.14 ohm. The coils are very delicate, and hard to wick, and I'm not that happy with the vape, but I don't like drippers that much.
    My latest build, which I've used for three days is 28 gauge, 12 wraps on an M4 bolt in a Lemo, coming in at 0.21 ohm, so if you have enough room, two coils should be over the 0.01 ohm required.
    The Lemo needs to be modified slightly to work with the dna40, there's a bloke on youtube, DJSlbvapes who has put out a quite a bit of info on the dna40, including what you need to do to a Lemo to get it working properly.
    Good luck.
    I just looked at my reply and noticed the bloke I was talking about has already been mentioned.
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