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Thread: What am I doing wrong?

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    What am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys,

    Im using an Ego one. Ive tried the 0.5ohm coil and it just burns quickly, on both eGo one battery and istick. Maybe didnt prime it enough. I let it sit a minute or two, couple of short/sharp draws to try and prime the cotton.

    But also, with my 1.2 coil on my istick, i cant get more than about 10w without tasting funky. Slow draws, airlfow full open, no longer than 3-4 secs ....
    tastes fine on eGo one. tastes fine at low wattage. Just want more flavor, vapor .....

    What am i doing wrong?

    My juice is high VG (80%). Is this my problem?

    I must add, i love the eGo one with 1.2ohm, but as ive been using it for a couple of weeks, the TH is dying again ... cut from 12 to 6 when came from spinner setups, and would like to keep it down, hence wanting to up the wattage !

    thanks everyone.
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    Upping the wattage won't give you more throat hit, unless you equate burnt with throat hit.
    I run my isticks on about 8w and get a great vape from my 1.6 ohm coils.
    There's a lovely graph somewhere which shows the optimum wattage/volts for the ohms of coils.
    Someone who's more tech savvy than me will be along shortly to explain it to you

    More vapour doesn't mean more throat hit. It just means more vapour.
    High VG eliquids will struggle with some shop bought coils too.. just too thick to wick (soak the fibre within the coil) sufficiently, hence dry hits. You could try a drop of vodka or distilled water in the tank to "thin" the VG a bit if you don't want to increase the PG:VG ratio.
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    The atty does need to be primed correctly, I soak the atty in PG for an hour before I use it. 80%VG probably doesn't help either, and you could thin it down a bit with vodka or demin water.

    ETA: I use the 1 ohm coils on a iStick at 10.5W
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    ok guys. well i admit that puts me at ease a bit.

    i just see people running crazy high wattage and putting out massive plumes and report flavor is excellent etc.
    reading into the hype of high wattage/big clouds to much.

    Ive just this minute ordered a subtank with 5x 1.2coils for my istick.

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    The graph I think mrs g was referring too.
    Bumping up with watts above the below graph will do nothing but burn the wick. The wicking can not keep up with the power used. Stay within the green and you'll be all good.
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