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    Thoughts: High Wattage Devices

    Hi Guys and Gals

    What are your thoughts on a comment like: 'if you vape @ 50 watts a 100 watt device is better than 50 watt device, because there is more power left over and your not stressing the device'?

    Is this true? I am not expert in the area but at the same time I don't think its the same as a car (i.e. 4 vs 6 ).

    Electronics are either on or off right so wouldn't have thought the same applies.

    Interested in your views.

    BTW: my reason for a 100 over a 50 would be more future proofing. I have a 150w Sigelei running the Arctic @ 0.2 around 45 - 60 watts knowing there is power left if I want to go up.

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    high wattage devices are wicked because it gives you more options, you don't necessarily need to use it but it's good that it's there. like if you wanna drip for example, sometimes a certain tank requires really high wattage device to get the best experience... but i guess this all subjective...

    and for your question i think it's always good to not push your device to the limit...
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