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    discrepancies between actual and mod read resistance?

    Running vaporshark rdna40 and squape R W deck.. I've been trying my hand at building this afternoon and produced some nice looking ni200 coils - 28g with 12 spaced wraps and 3mm ID. I've used 3-ish points of measurement - the reading on the VS, a decent multimeter, and steam engines projection. Obviously I'm getting 3 different numbers. Interestingly the highest of these is the VS reading at .27 with the coil at room temp, but I believe it should be more in the area of 0.2...

    So what my question is really about is what does this mean in practice? It is my understanding the VS will look at the coil resistance and produce x amount of volts required to hit the target wattage, as the coil heats resistance will increase and the VS will compute and apply adjustments on the fly.. But if in fact the true resistance is lower than the VS initially reads, will it not always be pumping extra volts and hitting a higher actual wattage thus increased stress on the battery?

    So what do you guys do? Should I be rebuilding to get closer to the expected reading from the VS? I'd prefer not to blow up


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    I'd probably say just as an idea maybe run a bit of alcohol on a q-tip and give the 510's a quick once over.
    From what I understand (blurry at best) is that there are so many factors that come into play to determine the resistance (510, wiring, attached tank/dripper, materials used)
    I have dual build at 0.09 at 35watts 450 degree F in a dripper and a single .40 build @ 12watts 410 degrees F in my Sqaupe R
    Each build has it's preferred temp max which from my understanding is what really counts at the end of the day
    The DNA 40 has a 16amp limit @ 40 watts, so as long as you are using the correct batteries i'd say keep doing what your doing if it works for you

    Someone with a better understanding may be able to shed some better light on this though
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    Yeah good point on cleaning the 510s, both ends fairly new though so I don't expect much difference.. For cleaning electrical connections I use a little bottle of Deoxit contact cleaner, found it to work really well in the past and should be great for something like 510 connectors.

    Thanks for the heads up on the amp limit, puts my mind to rest as my battery should be fine even if that was hit.



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