Hey Vapers

Been looking at more slimline (and I guess less common) 14xxx VW MODS, Telegonos in particular:
Telegonos by Dicodes 14650 | Dicodes 14500/14650 | Dicodes | Akkuträger | Greek-Mods

Does anyone use/prefer these to the typical 18xxx tube mods? Any Pros/cons? Of course one limitation would be smaller/"lite" tanks but i don't see it as a compromise as such. Like Silo lite has 3.5ml capacity - plenty enough for a a day/evening enjoyment i guess?

Still undecided between Telegonos and Dani: Dicodes Dani | Greek-Mods, but IT HAS TO BE ORANGE!

I've been using my Veppo VEX @ 5W (Kanger 3.8ml tank) - gives me plenty of puff and hit, so i'm not chasing 80W+ setups (yet ).

Any opinions/thoughts are appreciated, cheers!