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Thread: Review : Smok VCT, GCT and RBA DIY kit

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    Review : Smok VCT, GCT and RBA DIY kit

    My views on Smok VCT GCT and RBA DIY kit.

    I've had the VCT for a while now. Since owning it I gave up using my Atlantis as it left it for dead.

    To be honest I did have a couple of issues from the start.

    - Base glass o-ring stuck to the glass and trying to remove it broke. I did manage to find another suitable o-ring at home and it never leaked. Since then I have a replacement o-ring from Smok, so all is good.
    - Drip tip was a loose a fit. After a single vape it would dislodge a little. Cosmetically it annoyed me, function wise it was fine. I now have an aftermarket tip fitted and that sits nice ans solid.

    Speaking with another user of a VCT, they did not experience these problems. However I have seen/heard of the o-ring issue happening to a number of people. Incidentally, the tank comes with 2 spare o-rings for the top and these can be used instead. There is a secondary o-ring so maybe it is not needed at all.

    I got the VCT A1. A1 coils are 0.5 ohms and have an adjustable juice flow. I use 50/50 juice and have always set it to half open which works quite well. There are a number of differant coils available including ni-200 and DIY kits, RBA. All coils are interchangeable with VCT GCT Giant etc.

    How did it vape. Firstly I still consider myself a noob and still searching for that perfect vape and can only compare to an Atlantis.

    Air draw is very airy, more than the Atlantis, though it is a little noisy, but nothing like the Delta. Flavor was excellent and cloud production great. Bear in mind my experience to this point.

    After a bit of a rough start with 2 issues I thought I had found my vaping nirvana.

    Enter the GCT. No issues regarding drip tips or o-rings this time. However fitting the glass into the top is quite stiff, certainly need to lubricate it with some juice first. I broke a glass the first time I tried, lucky it comes with a spare.

    Air draw is about the same as the VCT, but so very smooth. Comparing the 2 directly though is a little unfair. Did I mention the RBA DIY kit yet?

    Well the GCT comes with ni-200 coils. I don't have a temp sensing mod yet, so they stay in the box for now. I could have used an A1 coil but decided to build a coil instead.

    With no experience at building, a DIY kit like it is seemed a great place to start. I removed the bottom cover to realize the pre installed coils (yes 2) were cut quite short and no way was I going to get it back together like that. I did test it first and it did work. So I removed those 2 coils and put 2 more in (kit comes with 6 in total) worked out the path for the legs and assembled it. Tested it and resistance was right. Did a test burn, perfect. Cotton, refit top. Bingo, one coil.

    So I fitted my RBA to the Gimlet (GCT) and filled it up. I didn't screw the coil onto the chimney to get more in. But as you can see from the image it is quite full anyway.

    Let it sit, I didn't prime the cotton. 15 minutes later I had my first ever vape on the GCT with RBA. OMG!!!!!! Flavor, cloud, temp, air draw, all fantastic.

    When I got the Atlantis, I didn't think it could get better, same for the VCT. But this is wonderful. Guess I am going to be going through a bit of juice today.

    In future I am going to be using the RBA in the VCT as well, but need another mod as I don't think the 30w istick will go low enough. Will get a couple more kits and some wire to try coiling my own. I do need to find out what wire it is though. Coils in the RBA kit give 0.4 ohms.

    So very impressed.
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    Sub Ohm is not my thing but thanks for the write up Cams.
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    Nice write up and comparison Cams

    Nice to see more reviews of personal experiences.
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