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    Changing from 510 to ???

    Hi all,

    I've been using a Joyetech 510 for a couple of years now but given the system is getting a bit long in the tooth and batteries are getting harder to come by, I'm thinking of moving onto something else and am looking for inspiration.
    Key things that I like about the 510 are...

    Auto battery
    Small/discreet (not that I'd ever use it where I shouldn't...)
    Simple to use/refill etc (currently using battery+boge 510D)

    If anyone had ideas on what I could look to move to, I'd be all ears!



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    I'm not sure if there ARE other auto-fire options

    discreet though, the istick by eleaf get good reviews, I used a friend's and they seem good.

    Maybe a carto tank to top it off?
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    if you like small maybe something like this.

    you can use your boge cartos on it if you want but there are much better options out there.



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