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Thread: Where to from T3S?

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    Where to from T3S?

    Been vaping 18 months. I'd say I'm a heavy vaper and love the clouds I can produce. I do highest possible VG with organic e-juice with a tiny bit of nic. Tried all sorts of clearos and batteries and for a while now I've used a Vision Spinner II 1600 mAh (probably a knock-off - I have several of them) with Kangertech T3S Clearos.

    Love the current combo because I wear it in a pouch on the end of a lanyard around my neck. I can change out the coil too. But for me, they don't last long enough. I have various other clearos, especially big glass ones, but that means the pouch is weighted incorrectly (top heavy). No pouch and I drop them (I'm an old bird with arthritis.) Not good.

    I'm now a bit over the T3Ss and wondering where to go from here. Stuck in a rut, I guess and I want to spread my wings a little. I just want to buy something, fill it and go. It needs to go in some kind of pouch around my neck, so keeping the Spinner IIs would be good. I guess I'm after a clearo recommendation. Done the CE4s-6s etc. Done the Kanger Evod (can't see levels clearly enough). I just want something more interesting that I can wear around my neck that isn't the weight of a brick. Haven't gone near any mods because I simply don't understand them (and they're exxy). I was looking at the SubTank Nano (yes exxy, but interesting), but read you have to have a special battery. A bit lost on me. Cool if someone can explain it, but other suggestions very welcome and much appreciated.
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    An analogy for you. Your current setup is like a small saucepan over a small hotplate.
    It's currently "cooking" (turning into seam) a certain amount of liquid, and works well
    because the power of the battery and the requirements of the atomizer match up.

    But say you want more steam? You grab a bigger saucepan (an atomizer such as SubTank
    series) but now the small hotplate (Vision Spinner II battery) might not get hot enough
    (provide enough watts) to power what's on top of it. The result is unsatisfying.

    So you'd need to get a bigger hotplate (battery capable of more watts) to power it.

    There is only so much you can do with the battery you have. There are the Aspire atomizers
    (BVC style & Nautilus Mini) that would work well but might have issues with Max VG.
    Possibly the AeroTank Mini from Kanger.

    You certainly could get a Subtank Nano, they can produce quite a bit more vapor. But if you do
    make sure you get a pack of 1.2 Ohm replacement coils and only use those. The 0.5 ohm
    replacement coils that are available would need more power than your Spinner can produce.

    Hopefully one of our QLD members can chime in with any B&M (physical stores) up there.
    If there are get them to show you what higher power batteries are available (iStick 30w,
    sigelei) how large they are and what atomizers might work on your current Spinner II.
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    Nice analogy!
    Id go for either a silo/silo lite or get a little 20-30w box mod like the istick or mvp2/3 and the subtank plus. Im loving the plus at the moment, lovely flavour and tonnes of vapour
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    I agree with Sol the 30W Istick & a Silo lite or Nautilus mini.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodbam View Post
    I agree with Sol the 30W Istick & a Silo lite or Nautilus mini.
    What about the hanging around the neck requirement. There is always the aspire batteries and a naut mini. I am liking the Davide's which are similar. I don't use straight VG so they may struggle.

    Because of my issues with weight my fallbacks are still my acrylic carto tanks. Not for everyone but I understand the hand issues and it's not easy to get around. You may struggle to hold and fire the istick. If you go that way have a look at the heatvape defender. Similar price but has a better balance for people with hand issues and comes with its own lanyard and eyelet.
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    Subtank nano looks good to me, if they were around a year ago before i got into mechs and drippers i would use one, should be ok on an Aspire sub ohm batt i would think, i would grab one of those sub ohm batts anyway then you could just about chuck anything on it when the time comes.

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    I think your vision spinner would be ok with an aspire K1 tank, no issues with size and has a nice flavour, my Lady uses hers with the same mixes as I, which are all 75% VG. The nautilus mini is also a very good alternative.
    If you are not used to lung hitting, personally, I would steer away from the Nano., . my personal opinion
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    Aerotank Mini will work nicely on your Vision Spinner with the 1.8ohm coils at around $20 for the tank, and $12 for a 5 pack of coils.
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    New coils are coming for the Ts too, so dont pitch em (example only cos its in my saved list and Im too lazy to find another link, am sure many suppliers will carry them)

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    I went T3S to protank to protank2 to genitanks. now using lemo drops on a provari and a box mod.

    but for a clearo? A BDC mini of some sort would be fine on a spinner. Genitank mini ? got AFC and can change drip tip

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