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Thread: Battery explosion

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    Battery explosion

    Has anyone seen this before and what's the likelihood of my aspire sub ohm doing the same running . 3 ohm coils?

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    I think this has been called out many times as untrue, or at least a gross misrepresentation.

    Think about it, there's an atty on top of the mod. How would the supposed explosion or flames make it past that and into his mouth? If anything he'd have shrapnel lodged in his skull, severely injured hands and an atty lodged firmly in the back of his throat before something like what happened in the picture would occur. Plus, you'd realise the battery's about to vent well before enough pressure can built up to cause any sort of explosion.
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    Everyone that knows I vape at work run up to me and were like see they are dangerous, like they were all waiting to do so.

    Though we should all take this as a reminder to take care of your batteries and at any warning signs of a failing battery stop using them.
    I had a cheap knock off mod short one of my batteries and was pretty close to thermal runaway.
    I put the mod outside on the concrete and it didn't runaway, vent, leak or swell but I disposed of the battery and mod because I can never trust it again.
    Use mods with good vent holes and If the mod is getting hot in your hand it's a warning sign you are stressing the battery and could put it in to a thermal runaway state.

    Always buy tried and tested batteries from a reputable dealer, don't sub ohm on alibaba knock off batteries as your never know who made them and badged them as the real thing.

    Common Sense really..
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    This is good advice for all battery operated devices not just ecigs. Take care of the components.........

    Not just your batteries. Learn how to maintain your mod.
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    Refers Polehammer to MrGruffy stickied thread above **Battery-WARNING. As relevant today as when written.

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    That is a pic from 2012 where a guy shot himself in the mouth with a blank instead of a bullet.

    It was found by Rolygate from ECF who proved it fake, well as in ecig use and batteries anyway.
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