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    brand new IPV4, short in the system.

    just received my IPV4 a mini IPV II and a few kanga subtanks "mini and nano"

    tried them out, but the IPV4 pops up with a short in the system.
    though the IPV mini II works well when using the same tank.
    apart from getting concerned that my IPV4 could be a dud, vaping on the IPV mini blew my mind, it's a totally different vap compared to using the old gear from a few years back, the difference in flavour and guess, freshness blows the old gear away.

    now hanging out for my Smok TCT tank to arrive to test if it works on the IPV 4.

    EDIT:, she works, now using the 0.5 Ohm coils, 1.2 must be too high for her.
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    If the IPV4 is displaying a short, you should contact who you bought it from, you really don't want it venting on you (common problem as of late with the IPV4's)
    It also should fire the 1.2 coils
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    The IPV4 is a Temperature control mod, could it be the wrong setting causing the error message

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    Sounds like the atty was making poor connection, to me.
    The 1.2 ohm coil probably wasn't screwed in tight enough to make a completely stable current path, which TC mods are fussy about.
    The IPV4 should be able to fire coils up to 3 ohms (maybe more but at least that high), so the ohms of the coil isn't what the problem was.
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    Sorry for the late reply, been busy lately.

    thanks for the info, assumed that the 1.2 ohm coils were too high for the IPV4

    have tried 3 other 1.2 ohm coils and all come up as 0.05 ohm when setting the ohms,

    Could be my mistake as i have only been using the temp control setting.

    tried it in power mode, the ohms come up correctly, assumed either mode would work on the lower ohms. (did not need to reset the ohms in this mode)

    Had been using the kanga 0.5 ohm coils in temp mode, is the temperature control only suitable for TC tanks ?.

    Have also been comparing the IPV mini 2 and IPV4 in power mode, not impressed by the mini, seems to run much hotter when using the same wattage (10 W) and tank.
    Main difference is that the mini causes loud pops and feels hotter, even when set to 5 W. currently have burnt 3 coils (kanga OCC's) when using the mini.

    Now as far as tanks go i,m lovin the Smok TCTank in temperature control mode, have had no dry hits even when using a low PG ratio- 25%.
    Had cotton Burn when using the Kanga tank with a 50% PG mix, "though only when doing long repeated vapes to test their limits".

    Why is there a big difference between both modes, the flavour and vap is a lot more controllable in TC mode
    What's actually happening in temp control mode, normally on a device that is temperature controlled it needs feedback, e.g. a thermal couple to register the actual temp, how is it that achieved on these tanks ?

    I'm happy i've come back to vaping, the improvements compared to 18 months ago makes a world of difference, back then i thought comets had a clean taste, this new gear blows it away, havenít even had a hint of wanting a smoke since my return to vaping.

    best part so far is not having to stuff around to try and get a decent Vap, "with this new gear even bat shit flavour would likely taste great" !



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