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Thread: I had one but the top came off!? Ego one coil weirdness

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    I had one but the top came off!? Ego one coil weirdness

    So, I was vaping away happily, when suddenly it felt like I was sucking juice up through a straw.

    The tank was also spitting and spluttering and carrying on, so decided to take it apart to find out what was up, and found this.

    And this

    For those that don't know, that first pic is an ego one coil, with no top! The second is the tank, with the top part of the coil jammed in it. So my reaction was

    I screwed it back together slightly, gave it a jiggle and it came apart properly. I cleaned it up, and coil seems fine...

    Has anyone else had this happen before? Should I be more careful when tightening after filling? I don't do them up super tight as it is. It's a little confusing!!

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    I think the trick is to tighten just enough so you don't distort any o rings. They expand with Eliquid but they wear. If they get twisted or deformed they will leak and not do their job. But there is the problem that you encountered things get stuck. Make sure all threads are clean. Any gunk can fuse two bits together.

    Lastly this stuff is mass produced and for something so small with quite a few moving or separate parts you will encounter some where the tolerances are just a tad off.

    So the upshot is don't overtighten, clean everything you can and lastly expect the unexpected.
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