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    Looking for a ultrasonic cleaner for steeping juices

    I have seen a few on eBay and just wondering if anyone else here uses them to help speed up the process of steeping ?
    If so which one would u recommend ?
    Is a 750ml one big enough ?
    Also do you use plastic bottles of glass bottles when using it ?

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    Do not use glass!
    You'll end up very very sad.
    And with a big mess.

    As for size, check how big your bottles are and see if they will fit the internal dimensions of the vat.

    If they do, great, if not, go a little bigger.

    No need to break the bank, you're not using it for, well, cleaning machine guns like I was, along with other parts caked in nyco and clp and gunk in hard to reach places.

    There was a warning on ours that said no glass, maybe because it was a big mofo, maybe not, not too sure.

    Plastic would probably be safer.

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