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    Angry HELP! Are Vaporshark Atlantis coils (TSC) compatible with iStick TC40W mod?

    hi. New to all this TC stuff...
    Are the Vaporshark Atlantis coils (TSC) by Evolv compatible with the iStick TC40w mod? Or do Eleaf make TSC for the Atlantis tank for the istick?

    Are the Vaporshark Atlantis coils (TSC) suitable to use on a Sigelei 75w TC box mod?
    Or ONLY for DNA40 chip devices?

    I am lost. Please help.

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    I would wager they work for both devices.

    Rough estimate is that a sensor reads the temp on the nickel and then adjusts accordingly. The difference between manufacturing wouldn't be huge (assuming my theory is correct).

    As such, they should work, VS just saw a hole in the market to work hand in hand with their product and made it. Maybe a deal with Aspire too.

    Hopefully someone else can shed a little more technical light.


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    HELP! Are Vaporshark Atlantis coils (TSC) compatible with iStick TC40W mod?

    Vaporshark nautilus nickel coils work fine on both my vaporshark and evic vt, ditto for tc coils from my kanger and ego tanks, so I would say you'll be fine. As Big Kahuna said, it's about the coil temp and shouldn't make a difference in my humble opinion.

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    They work fine in a SXK VF clone

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    Tl;dr : Yes, it's fine. Those coils are made with nickel wire (Ni200), and that's the wire type the iStick 40 supports for temperature control.

    The key is what type of wire the coil is made with, and if your device supports it.

    At the moment, temperature control can be done with one of two types of wire - nickel (Ni200, sometimes just abbreviated to Ni) or titanium (Ti).

    Nickel has been used for temperature control for much longer, and is supported by everything that does TC. Titanium is relatively new, and is only supported by some devices.

    The iStick 40 only supports Nickel wire - so the Ni200 heads that Vaporshark make for the Atlantis are fine (or any other Ni200 head - like those for the Subtanks, or the Delta 2 Ni heads).

    That said.... Technically you can use Ti wire on a device that only supports Ni - but the temperatures are going to be WAAAAAAAY off. This is because the two different types of wire have a different resistance over a given length (as in, ohms per meter) and will react differently when heated (in regards to their resistance changing when heated - which is how temperature control works, and how the mod can tell how hot the coil is).

    So to sum it up -
    • Standard heads - Kanthal or Nichrome wire. NOT Temperature control compatible - All mods (standard "variable wattage" mode).
    • Nickel Heads - Nickel wire (Ni200 or "Ni") - Older temperature control, VERY low resistance - All temperature control mods.
    • Titanium Heads - Titanium wire (Ti) - Newer way of doing temperature control, not yet available as pre-made heads for all tanks, resistance closer to Kanthal - SOME temperature control mods (either out of the box or after a firmware update), or else the settings are going to be way off and it may be glitchy.

    Edit : Should have explicitly mentioned - the Sigelei 75W will be a-ok with those Vaporshark Atlantis coil heads too . As far as I can tell, the Sigelei 75W also supports "only nickel" for temp control (though one is going to want to research that a little more... I only had a 30 second look).
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    Thanks heaps guys. Appreciate all the help.
    I have installed the Ni-200 on the Atlantis and used the I stick tc40w with it....
    Somehow, it just didn't feel right. I get the vapor going but the inhale is not dense and thick like the kanthal wires... Is that normal?

    Also getting a lot of juice in my mouth so I scanned l changed over the coils... Seems to be slightly better now but still something not feeling right.

    Went and bought The Sigelei 75w tc mod today and attracted the Atlantis tank onto it (with Ni-200) coils and the reading of the coil came in at 0.09 on the Sigelei!

    The I stick is telling me its 0.15 ,0.16.
    Not sure what's going on here... Anyone with answers?


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