Ordered two of the buggers from Steam-e-cigs, about 12 bucks each, not too bad, more than average, less than some.

Gotta say, they're very nice.

Wide bore steel, single or double o-ring option depending on your tank/dripper etc. Tight fit at first on the Silo Beast but seems to be getting looser, just needed to lube it a bit and wiggle.

They are a very thin steel which feels really nice but with a delrin style coating on the outside of the mouth piece.

All the unbreakable advantage of steel without the teeth shattering side effects if you happen to bite down. Personally, can't stand the feel of steel on teeth so these are a wonderful halfway point for me.

The o-rings are the shoddy really thin crap either. They're big mamma-jamma black things. Only had a tiny bit of flake after getting them settled in the tank.

All in all, highly recommend if you're caught between choices and are happy to spend a little more than the average.

Ancillary bonus, they look very sleek and stylish. After all, no point getting it if it looks crap.

Oh and Victory Vape have the VS modpods in stock, those awesome multi-holed pieces of organisational brilliance. Heaps of colour too. I went for black and green. To contrast with my Shark Skins.


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