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Thread: Store in Sydney recommendation?

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    Store in Sydney recommendation?

    I am from Sydney and I am new to vaping (I'm a quick learner) I am waiting on a Panzer Blackhawk which should arrive by Thursday. I love the look of the Joyetech EVIC. Can anyone recommend anywhere in Sydney (near Parramatta maybe) that stocks all things vape or do i just play it online? Sorry if the questions sound odd ✌

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    Moved post to new thread .. and check out Steam e-cigs , they have a B&M store in Beaconsfield

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    Or catch a train to Central and then on the airport line, platform 23 , get off 1 stop later at Green square and walk south on Botany rd for 10-15 mins.

    You will find all the love you need.
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    I will be travelling in time, please leave a message and I will get back to you last week.

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    Another recommendation for Steam e-cigs - they were endlessly patient when I was starting out. The trip is definitely worthwhile and you can have a nice cup of coffee when you get there ... and try all their juices, which is a great help in determining what sort of flavours you like.

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    Might check those out thanks guys. Guessing nowhere in western sydney?

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    There were a few stalls at Parklea Markets, you need to know what your looking at though, or you could get done. I haven't been there for ages though.

    The Steamers are your best bet though, quality gear, and expert advise from good people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCVaper View Post
    Or catch a train to Central and then on the airport line, platform 23 , get off 1 stop later at Green square and walk south on Botany rd for 10-15 mins. ...
    I was changing at Central to the airport line to get to Green Square, but then I decided to use buses for the trip from Central to the shop, since the buses have a stop around 20 meters away. Even though it is a longer wait at Central (typically) I prefer the vape break in between transport modes, ..and because it saves me (slow walker) the walk from Green Square to the shop. So in the end I don't think it takes much longer.

    The buses to catch would be the 309, 310 or M20. Best place to get them is nearest the North East corner of Central station. Elizabeth St, near Kippax St.

    The next closest B&M I know of is in Windang in Wollongong.

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