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Thread: Coil building gear everywhere, getting lost, annoying the relatives : solution

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    Coil building gear everywhere, getting lost, annoying the relatives : solution

    So the missus was at me. "pick all this crap up", "it's dinnertime and your stuff's all over the table", "I got another bit of wire stuck in me, you bastard!"

    I'm sure many of you know this issue also. Then one day I saw a tin of Turkish Delight for sale at Woolworths, which in my kindest of hearts, bought for my wife. The second the last one was gone I jumped on the tin. I cut out a piece of felt the same size as the tin and stuck it down in the bottom so everything doesn't slide around. It has solved so many issues. I never need to look for stuff, it doesn't get lost in drawers fall in gaps or just generally get eaten by the void (which is a house with 3 kids inside).

    The lid doubles as a work surface so nasty sharp bits of wire don't get lost and impossible to find little nuts and screws cannot escape.

    I just put my bags of wick and mesh back on top and close her up when I'm done, goes on the shelf until I'm ready to pull it out again..

    I hope this helps someone else.

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    I would have gotten rid of the Relatives instead.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by bugzme View Post
    I would have gotten rid of the Relatives instead.....

    Your Relatives don't approve
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    I have a box, it is so handy, all my stuff goes in it as well as room for juice. Certainly no lavish vape box, but does the job. Gave it a clear out the other day, was getting too many empty bottles in it.

    I do like your idea Northerner of the lid and find myself a bit envious of the lid.
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    Better then having to clean a thousand stinky f****n butts out of every single potplant out side my house
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    Big shout out to AVF and Everyone that helped me on my Journey to quit the the Death Sticks



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