So I've seen plenty of threads about cleaning coils but not much on cleaning your cotton. You may not need to throw away that cotton so early. Some of you may know this. Some may not so here it is.

When your cotton is filthy don't re drip. Reduce your watts down between each vape. I vape at 70 watts and reduce it down by 10 watts at a time until I'm down to about 20 watts. The flavour will get lower and lower as you go down and so will the vapour but you'll see your cotton dry out and turn white. Just keep going until it producing almost no vapour. Once your there it should be fully white again you can re drip and you'll see it's much cleaner and you can bump the watts back up.

Be careful not to get any burnt taste so err on the side of caution and drop the watts before it happens. Remember your cleaning it out and not trying to get a good vape.

Works great for me.