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    So, I ordered a TC mod.

    As in the title.
    However, I was wondering what the real do's and donts are safety wise when it comes to TC, I understand what temp control does and how it achieves it.
    Some of the little information I've found has stated that you should never dry burn Ni or Ti coils whilst others openly don't have an issue with it.
    so basically, what do definitely need to know before i move to TC

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    it is ok to dry burn them, but pulse them at low watts. not to the extent of them glowing red hot, but hot enough for you to mold the coils.

    and its also good practice to use iso alcohol to wipe your coils prior to building. I've only built with Ti and not Ni and i realize that there is alot of black stuff on the Ti coils, so wiping it with alcohol really does make it more 'sterile'.



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