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Thread: First mech mod

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    First mech mod

    Hi all looking at getting my first mech mod clone or authentic. Looking for what everyone thoughts are for my first step

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    Find the one you like. And buy it. Get some good batteries is a must.
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    I started off with a phantom by wotofo. Single 18650, simple spring loaded bottom firing button. Was a simple no fuss inexpensive mod.

    Then the mech bug bit and I bought an abaddon lol.
    Haven't touched a regulated device (or a tank for that matter) ever since.

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    My first and only mech mod is a Smoktech Magneto. It's good enough for me that I've never moved on or up and replaced it. Works great and looks great. It is a bottom firing mod, but has a locking ring to prevent accidental firing. It may not be considered "whats in', but who really cares as long as it works like a champ. Maybe it's a nerd thing, but I like the geek references with the Magneto and to me, it looks stunning. I can recommend it for a cheap mod. If I was to buy myself a new mod is would be a s.s CHI-YOU as it looks beautiful to me but I cant recommend it as Ive never used one. I do use a kick for safety. JMO.

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    There are so many out there. It really depends what you are after. How many batteries would you prefer it to have?
    Box mod or tube? Does it need to be lightweight, stealthy etc etc. Its not an easy question to answer.

    The best way is to have a think about your preferences. Choose a few that you like the look of that fit into that category
    and try and narrow it down from there.

    As arth said, you need to use quality batteries. As a first step I would suggest doing some research if you haven't already.
    If you are going to be using mech mods you really need to be well conversed in battery safety.

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    i echo arth and tara

    copper and brass are good conductors, but take more contact maintenance, they are also heavy

    look for the battery contacts to be precious metals, silver, becu etc. Fatdaddy sells some replacement contacts that will fit clones and improve them

    battery voltage sags under load, the more load, the more sag. So if you plan to go low low on ohms, dual batteries sag less [and increase amp limit]

    this ecf blog post has some good info on batteries, follow up your short list with more research, and preferably a word to supersports600 on ebay
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    my first mech is a nemesis and i still use it every now and then... its a classic but a goodie imo
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