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Thread: Fixing things

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    Fixing things

    Well i've had a productive day fixing things - This morning i replaced a blue-ray drive in a PS3 which gave me confidence to tackle my first VW vape battery i purchased.

    I had bought an Aspire 30w ESP and it ran great for the first 2 months but then adjusting the watts via the manual dial stopped working. I tried to fix it with isopropyl alcohol thinking it had some juice in there but it didn't help. Luckily the device was stuck on 16 watts and that was fine for the Nautilius.

    * So 6 months later (today) and completely out of warranty i gave it a go, it was a little tricky to come apart but straight away i could see the spindle that ran down from the dial into a female type connector had come out, sliding it back in place was all it took and it was back together in 5 mins and i can adjust those watts all over the place.

    So with all this new found love for fixing things i turn my attention to the coil master 521 TAB i purchased last week. It has the most annoying rattle inside of the box sure its under warranty and less than a week old but i was sure i could remove the rattle.

    You can see the blue fire button above.
    I pop the 4 screws and gently open the box.... out falls a clear piece of plastic 0.6 cm by 0.3 cm i look around and see that where the blue LED fire light is there is supposed to be a clear cover over it. Somehow the clear bit of plastic hasn't glued into place or come lose during its travels. I grab the super glue and an extra set of hands and we get it back in place and closed up ready to go.

    Happy Days,
    Tell us your repair stories....good or bad ones.
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    If feels so good when you have a go and fix things yourself. When I bought my business and had no money to pay for anything I became a plumber/electrician/painter/carpet layer and a carpenter overnight!

    I don't have any good vaping fixes yet beacuse I'm busy doing the above except for the time I unscrewed the airflow ring of one of one of my Subtank Minis and lost a microscopic ball bearing that makes the thing go *click* googled that you can get the nib ball bearing from a disposable ball point pen and put that in there and it worked!

    The last mod that busted that I thought was repairable I gave away on here to someone more patient and handy.

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    I thought my subox mini had died. Pulled it apart and played with it. Couldnt find anything, thought maybe juice had leaked in, so put it back together.... checked coil terminals. They were loose... so now its perfect again.. not so much a repair, but a pull down and reassemble with a fix somewhere else lol.

    Gladstone qld
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