So, after reading quit a bit of comments from various websites, and listening to some reviews regarding the Joyetech eGrip, I've found that quite a few people were having a few issues, sometimes sending them back for a replacement which may take a few weeks to receive a newer device or simply returning it for another vaporizer entirely. Since I've started reading these comments I have purchased an eGrip for myself off eBay a few weeks ago and have found myself with most of these same issues. The issues I've experienced included One, the bottom plate seal would seep eLiquid after taking in a few draws, and Two, I would get severe leaking from the atomizer hole. I looked into sending them back but figured i'd attempt to fix the issues myself. I ended up having to go the a cheap shop nearby to purchase a jewelry style star tool kit for it's one of those very odd shaped screws, but nonetheless was able to resolve the bottom steal plate issue. Just seems as though when they are manufacturing these devices they just don't screw them on as tight as what they need to be. A couple good twists and it seemed to resolve the issue. (Make note not to twist too hard or you'll break the screw off. They don't seem to be the hardest of screws.) As for the atomizer screw area, it's quit simple. Seems to be due to the way it's designed, you'll have to tighten it until it's nearly almost beyond flush with the bottom of the device it's self. I attempted to due so with the tightener gadget Joyetech provides in the box, but turned out I needed to get a 50 cent coin to tighten it fully.
If you're considering purchasing the eGrip be aware you may need to do a little manual labor to get it up to par, but other than that the device seems to do quite well. As noted in above the atomizer is within the device it's self. Which, if you're not looking to MOD out, can be visually appealing. I personally enjoy this vaporizer for how small it is and the pretty decent hit you get from it. Seems as though it mutes some of the flavors a bit, but is built quite well.

Hope this may help anyone who's thinking about purchasing the device!