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Thread: Yihi - SX Mini - Q Class

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    Yihi - SX Mini - Q Class

    200W - Dual 18650

    200W from just 2 18650s...................slightly worrying?
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    Thank you friendly mod, whoever you are.............
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    Even if it only reaches 150w, it will be enough for me.
    If they want a genuine 200w device, they should design it around a 3 cell lipo.
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    China just keeps cranking them out - it might be worth waiting for the 1.21 gigawatts in Z class

    Yep the new Z Class is what I'm holding out for - and it only takes two of these - Clouds Bro! Zip charging only takes 4 days!

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    The Q class announcement thread on ecf is 7 pages long with a lot of battery safety concern posts, including a lengthy rant from me

    Only 2 weeks ago i came across a post from a newbie on there who had run out and bought an RX200, whacked a nickel coil on it
    and set it for 120w. And only then did he register an account on ECF to ask "why am i getting a funny taste, and
    umm wheres my coil gone" because it had disintegrated. I asked him had he read the manual, no. Why did he buy it? "Because
    everyone was talking about it on ECF"

    Part of my rant in the Q Class thread, apart from my usual bemoaning of "more watts" and newbies thinking 200w mods are the entry
    point due to mod makers, was that mod makers really need to be more responsible. especially considering the discharge rates to reach
    200w on the Q requires battery specs that cant be found except on a few mythical batteries and even those have mostly been found
    to be fake or overquoted.

    They should change it to 133 Max and be responsible. Just feeding the people who want to sh#tcan vaping a free goal.

    Also pointed out that Lipos arent without issues themselves, sure theyve been used for ages in RC units, but those RC units dont draw
    the current that vaping mods are now asking. And you can throw a stone at google and find a video of an RC unit going up in flames.

    My first mod used Lipos and theres no way i ever charged it without being present, and awake, i would never charge a lipo battery
    overnight while i slept or while i was out.

    This more watts thing needs to grind to a halt and sanity needs to return. All well and good for mod makers to make stuff that does
    the watts, but the batteries needed to safely operate them just arent here.

    Shout out to Laurie (otherwise known as the piker from last vape meet) and Disley And of course CC (may the nuns be with you)
    Last edited by stylemessiah; 09-01-16 at 09:04 PM. Reason: adjusted quoted watts, it wasnt 200w that the newbie fired at as i originally posted, it was 120w...still not ideal :)
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    There are quite a few dual 18650 mods which claim 200w and over, for instance the koopor plus, which I own, but there are very few, if any, reports of them blowing up. I thought that the mods would back off if the battery sag got too much, or thats the impression I got when I tried a 30q in my sx mini, back to a 25r in that mod.
    I'll be interested in seeing, and reading about this mod when, and if it comes out, though I doubt I'll get one because of price, and by the time it comes out someone else will have something cheeper, and better. The joyetech evic vtc has taken over from the sx as my favorite device, lighter, cheeper, good temp control, easy to use, and larger screen.



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