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    Battery charging question

    I just got a Wismec Releaux RX200, and three new hg2 batteries, but only have a two bay charger. Is there any problem with charging the batteries seperatly, ie. 2 first, and then one on it's own? All on the same charger. From what I understand the chargers do each battery independently, so the only difference to using a two bay charger, or charging all the batteries at the same time, is that they will reach full charge at different times.
    I've already done this once, and had no problem, although I did notice that when I checked the charge on the RX screen the voltage read as 3.50 3.46 3.42, yet when I checked the charge with them removed, all read within 0.01 volts. I can't remember the exact reading, but it was between the highest, and lowest reading. So there's another question, how accurate is the display on the RX200?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I've got a 4 bay charger and usually only charge one or two batteries at a time. Been doing it close on 2 years and never had a problem. Wouldn't know about different voltage readings, though. I've never bothered to check.

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    Does the RX have USB pass through like the DNA200? If so just charge them all up put them in and charge it via USB, I highly doubt you'll ever need to change them through the day, three 18650s go a fair way, I vape pretty heavily throughout the day at 130 watts at the moment and still have roughly half battery left by the end of the day.

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