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Thread: Vertex V2 RDA performing better at 1.2 ohms than 0.4?

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    Vertex V2 RDA performing better at 1.2 ohms than 0.4?


    I am using a Vertex V2 clone RDA, on an IPV 2 at 20 watts. I built dual, 9 wrap, 24 gauge kanthal coils. It comes out at .4 ohms. But very occasionally, the reading will jump to 1.2 ohms and all of a sudden it starts performing ten times better, with a nice, fairly cool vape, which produces tons of vapour. I have had a small problem with one of the screws on the deck loosening. But have checked them straight after the jump, and they are still tight. I also tried just putting one of the coils on, to see if it was only heating one to give that reading. But, with only one coil, it comes out at .8 ohms.

    My question is how is it getting to the 1.2 ohm reading, and why would that be the time that it starts performing so much better? I thought that the lower the ohms the better the vapour production. And when I say it performs better at 1.2 ohms, I mean way, way better. Like what I have been trying to do for ages!

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    Sounds to me like you have a short somewhere, have a look and make sure that the coils are held tightly in place (ie you have snipped one of the legs while tightening the grub screws) and that they are not making contact with the walls of the rda.
    To me 20w seems way to low for a 0.4 build, that is going to have a super long ramp up time and flacid vape, I would be hitting it at around 60-70w, but until the short it sorted I wouldn't be sticking it anywhere near my head.
    Check out Ohms law for the reason why less watts are required for higher resistance Ohm's law | Steam Engine | free vaping calculators, lock in your resistance and watts, then move the resistance between 0.4 and 1.2 and see the difference in voltage used by the coil (you are will within the safe amperage range but it is useful to keep an eye on this also if you start building super low or using mechs).

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    Sounds like an intermittent loose connection - could be anywhere from the post screws, to the adjustable 510 pin, to inside the device. A short would lower resistance, not raise it.

    0.8 ohms is the right reading for a single coil if you're getting 0.4 ohms on two in parallel.

    20 watts is reasonably low for that type of build and RDA. What is likely happening is that your device is erroneously reading 1.2 ohms of resistance, and accordingly pumps 4.9V into a 0.4 ohm system, giving you in actuality about 60 watts of raw cloud-blowing fully sick powaaah.

    Check are the post screws.
    Check the adjustable 510.
    Check that all contact are clean.
    Check the build on another RDA.
    Check the RDA on aonther device.

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    I like how some people (in general) think 1.2 ohms is bad or wrong hehe

    I will admit, i wouldnt like "60 watts of raw cloud-blowing fully sick powaaah." (i hope you meant powaaah to be read like Clarkson would, its how i read it)

    God help us if Clarkson ever got into vaping "This is the lowest ohm coil build............................................. the world"
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