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    help please-wall charger for innokin LEO Pro iClear 16 1000mah battery

    Hi, I just bought an innokin LEO Pro iClear 16 starter kit for a family member, i bought from overseas and the wall charger pins are incorrect for AU, the wallcharger has no details or voltage specs written on it and i need to buy a replacement.

    Question, will the batteries that came with it (1000mah), handle an input from a max 1 amp output charger that i have used on some ego batteries (the ego batteries came with a cable with an output of 500mah written on them and the fitting isn't compatible) i bought ages ago?,
    or do i need a specific output charger?.
    Or is there charging over-protection of some sort built into the batteries?

    p.s.,he doesn't own a computer so charging that way is a no go.

    thanks for the help.
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    I think you could use a wall adapter with an usb port and use the cable that comes with it as for over charging it should have a protection

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