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Thread: Joyetech Cuboid Mini 80W

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    Joyetech Cuboid Mini 80W

    My first impressions of this kit. It was sold as authentic and it seems to be so, I don't know how to tell. The seller states that ID stickers are removed from items to enable lower pricing , or something like that. You probably know the seller.
    Specs from sales site

    eLiquid Capacity: 5ml
    Output Mode: VT-Ti/VT-SS316/VW/BYPASS/TCR MODE
    Output Wattage: 1-80W
    Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for VT Mode ; 0.1-3.5ohm for VW/BYPASS Mode
    Temperature Range:100-315C'(200-600F')

    Stock pic from seller site.

    I ordered the rose gold version. I dislike gold usually, but quite like the copper like finish on this.

    The fire button , drip tip and top cap are made of a cheap toy like plastic. The drip tip fits rather loosely, as did some generic ones and the top tank and Atlantis drip tips.

    It takes very light pressure to depress the fire button. There is a small tactile click. It can an trigger in bag or pocket if switched on because the pressure needed is so light.

    On mine the fire button sticks on at times, seems to get caught. I just need to touch it again lightly and it pops back up. This would be a total turn off for many people. I am hoping it is a wearing in thing and will resolve with further use, and hopefully not get worse. It doesn't happen often though.

    You can see in the pic above there are 2 little grub screws in the tank section to enable adjusting the orientation so it always does up flush with the mod. One either side. Just screw in to the appropriate tightness, loosen the screws and adjust the tank orientation, then re-tighten them. I have not had to adjust it but this is a good feature I think.

    Battery life is a bit short and is listed as 2400 mAh ( built in), probably the same as for a single 18650, but it could be a prob at high watts and heavy vaping because the charge time is very slow. Joytech did not answer my query about if it is ok to try a 2 amp charger such my samsung phone one. The only info I found mentioned a 1 amp charge capability. Charge is 3 and 1/2 hours.
    Even though it is a built in battery the sales site listed a magnetic door as a feature. I don't think there is one. Maybe, but I did not try to open it.
    The usb charge and upgrade port is on the side enabling the mod to stand upright while charging.

    The display screen nice size, I can read watts/ temp with out glasses but the other rows of info are as usual tiny. I find the screen really hard to see in daylight though. The screen still lights up when you fire in stealth mode.

    I think I got great flavour and vapour from .5 ohm coil and from .25 ( notch?) and some other vapers I know seemed to agree. I find coils are hard to identify except the Clapton which stated on "Clapton" on it. I have not used the Clapton yet. I think the coils are too expensive locally, but are reasonable from OS. There is the RBA as well though.
    I would like to see the coils labelled in a simple and clear fashion Eg. " C 0.5" for a clapton 0,5 ohm, or even just A, B, C etc for coils on a corresponding chart. The letters could then be larger and easier to see.
    The kit came with 3 coils and RBA which is labelled M&L, which I think means MTL. It is pre-built and tight draw.
    The sales site did not list the RBA as included so I bought another with it. It also lists 2 spare drip tips but there are only the 2, one wide bore and a tighter one. Have not tried the tighter MTL tip.

    The mod and tank are quite weighty for the size but i Like it and it feels a very comfortable little device, feels very nice in my hand. I have average to smallish hands. No inferences on other anatomy welcome thanks.
    The mod stands very stable fashion.

    The top fill is good. It can spit a little after fill. Fill only to the top of the window. Also probably ensure the airflow is off when screwing the top back in. It shuts off when you unscrew it so will usually already be off.
    I like that I can just tip from a bottle rather than use a dropper as there are no obstructions after top is removed. The coil and drip tip remain attached to the removed fill cap .
    Airflow is heaps for me and easily adjustable. Can be reduced a lot if you prefer. This may be a good sub ohm tank that is OK for MTL draw because there is not so much spare space for air in there an you can combine that with the appropriate coil or RBA build and the smaller drip tip.

    I gave temp control a go and it seems good. The draw starts with a hotter surge then drops back to a lower temp. Is this how they all work?
    Also it has a bypass mode which is ( from docs) a mech type function. I have not tested this.

    I did burn a coil on a night out because I didn't notice the juice was emptied. The juice window is a bit dark, hard to see in low light.

    The scrolling through values such as wattage and temp is nice and fast.
    The mod does temp control on different metal coils , and has an option to customise the temp control , in 3 stages, but I have not played with this.
    Screen can be flipped but don't know why you would do that. Stealth and power setting lock is easy to do.
    Fast start up and shut down. Good price for a classy little device, but fire button staying on could be a major turn off for a lot of people. You need to notice it first and just touch it again to stop it

    The slow charge does bother me a little, but a classy looking compact and easy to fill little mod and tank. Good for a night out but if you are a heavy vaper then take a spare or maybe 2 of these ( I think always try to carry a spare anyway) and a bottle of juice as it can power through it.
    Coil life not certain, but I think not as long as I would like, as in they keep working for a week alright, but there is a little bit of a drop off in flavour and vapour after a few tanks ( note. I was not only using max VG.). Fantastic after new coil is primed and just installed.
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    Addit: Just after posting above I filled the cuboid and took the dog for a walk. Got a mouth full of juice. So it flooded on filling. Blew it out with a tissue around the top cap. I have read this happens to some people. First time to me though. Will see how it goes I suppose.



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