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Thread: Battery life falling away.

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    Battery life falling away.

    Hi all,

    just a small ponderence.

    I've been vaping for a relatively short amount of time and I currently run a couple of mods. joyetch evic and an RX200

    I started out with the Evic and It was great but recently I've noticed a drop in battery life in a samsung IMR

    Now my gear has changed slightly I now run an Avocado on the Evic as opposed to a CUBIS.

    I can really tell if my battery is falling away or if I'm just vaping more and harder on the Avo.

    the battery started charging thru the mod. and after about 3-4 weeks was in a charger. It now about 2-3 months and it seems to be lasting a short amount of time.

    Question I have is ... if there any quantifiable way to check???

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    no, not really except tracking your volt drop ect...they say 300-500 charges on a battery....

    I am no expert and Fabricator will be here shortly to put me in my place....
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    Yes, you can use a charger like the Soshine universal charger that gives you a measure of how much energy has been put into the battery to charge it. With the Samusungs I find the mAh it takes to charge it is very close to the rated mAh: that means the health of the battery is good.

    As they age batteries hold less capacity and this might indicate when its getting time to replace them. I have efest batteries from three years ago that still hold close to there rated capacity but they've been looked after.

    * Don't leave batteries in a flat condition - put them on charge as soon as they come out of the device
    * Don't fully discharge batteries - it's better to put them on charge when they get down to 3.5 volts. This could more than double their life and I think it's why my Efest batteries are still very good.
    * Don't leave them in a hot place like a car
    * Don't overcharge them, or leave them on a charger that does not shut off once the maximum voltage is reached.

    In addition to this discharging batteries at close to their C rating will stress the batteries and dramatically reduce their life.

    If you changed to devices that run at much higher wattages or vape more than you used to this will affect the apparent longevity of the charge in the battery, but it does not necessarily mean that the batteries are failing. They might be holding the same capacity, it's just that you might be using it much faster. Some (most?) mods running at higher wattages will also fail to deliver the watts or give a weak battery warning if the voltage sag goes lower than what the boost circuit can work with. For example on a Kanger Kbox at 50 watts it will fail to fire once the battery (Samsung 25R) gets to around 50% capacity. This is not an error or fault - it's telling you that the sagging battery voltage is not sufficient for the circuit to fire that atty at 50 watts. Some mods will automatically reduce the wattage so you can keep vaping, and some will give a "weak battery" message while delivering lower power to the atty (Evic VTC for eg). In all cases if you change to a vape that requires much lower power the batteries/mods will continue to work normally until the battery is fully discharged to 3.2 volts.
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    That was excelent

    Thank you heaps
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