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    Which coils fit Melo 3 tank?

    Using a Melo 3 tank with Eleaf pico mod.
    Having trouble finding information on what coils will fit and work with that setup.

    I have heard that Aspire Triton and Atlantis coils will work. Does that also apply if coils are for MINI Triton or MINI Atlantis?

    Fasttech gives measurements on diameter which helps, but not sure all those are accurate.

    Any solid info on what will fit and work would be appreciated.
    And feel free to throw in any advice on preferred coils.

    Clapton is good? Or TC ones better?

    These would NOT fit yeah? Because they are Mini? So where the heck are the Claptons that will fit?
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    Hubby uses Vaporesso ccell coils in both the Melo II and the Melo II

    I did a bit of research for him on tanks that take these coils so it's sort of the same information. He prefers the ceramic ccell coils

    Link for Clapton coils

    The coils that fit these tanks fit the Melo

    Freeman starre
    Eleaf Ijust
    Sxy bibabo
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    All these will fit in the melo 3.

    I haven't had much luck getting triton 1 coils to fit in my melo 3, but newer full size triton coils may fit.
    I don't think mini triton coils fit the melo 3.

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    I have a Melo 3 mini and I use Eleaf Ijust/Melo coils. i got them from fiveteninc

    Five Ten, Inc. — Eleaf EC iJust/Melo coils



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