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    What do you guys know about Jwell?

    My wife was looking at a Jwell kit, the Onyx to be specific but when I went to research it I couldn't find much online. There's a few assorted reviews of some of their older products and next to nothing about the Onyx. From what I gather they aren't an up and comer and are pretty big in Europe.

    So..what's the deal with Jwell and more specifically has anyone here actually had their hands on the Onyx? How does it fare?
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    Phil has had the 50W version in his review cue for eight months. I note that he hasn't reviewed it and it's now probably obsolete, so unless they send him the new one he probably won't.

    Two things stand out about it for me: It doesn't have a stainless steel TC mode, and the screen looks like absolute rubbish. The interface is different, and the descriptions for a lot things on the screen looks rubbish.

    It's different from other devices apart from the rubbish screen - it has that push/twiddle single control. It protrudes a LOT from the mod so it's the first thing that will get hit if you knock or drop it. Looks like there's a chance this is its Achilles heel, IMHO.

    On the good side, what comments there are about J Well products are extremely positive. If your wife really likes the look of it and the lack of S/S TC mode is not a deal breaker, then it would have to be a pretty fair option.
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