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Thread: what was it like to move to a rebuildable coil

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    what was it like to move to a rebuildable coil


    I have been putting off upgrading from my joyetech ego all in one built in battery mod and I would just like to find out peoples experiences after upgrading to see if it is worth it to spend the extra $$

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    The first coil I ever made worked fine.

    Just watch some videos on basic spaced coil building, as long as you have normal dexterity in your fingers it will not be a problem at all. It helps to know what resistance you need to use, and research the correct wire gauge and number of turns to achieve it. Get some decent wicking material. 26g or 24g Kanthal wire is the easiest to start with. You don't need special tools - a screwdriver or a drill bit with a 2.5mm shaft is fine to start with. An ohmmeter is very useful but you can get by without it if you use your head and a mod with an ohmmeter built in.

    I haven't paid for a coil head for years; don't see the point when you can build one for pennies, and you get something that you can tailor to suit your vaping style. This does mean that I'm not really interested in tanks that don't have an RBA deck available for them, but everything I've got is designed to be built on.

    I never recommend RBA's or RDA's for new vapers, those who don't know the difference between Ohm's law and Murphy's law, and those who have zero patience with small fiddly things.

    If something doesn't work as well as you'd like, you have to be able to either ask for help (with pictures) or figure it out for yourself. Yes there's a bit of a learning curve, but the path ends with you being much more self sufficient.
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    My experience (from a semi-noob) was...

    I purchased the Cleito rebuildable deck, followed utube vids which explain well. The deck came with premade coils so no problem there.

    I wicked it up and it worked fine, maybe a little bit of a dry mouth.

    Then, everytime I went to fill the tank (top fill) after removing the top, air bubbles would form inside the tank, juice would flood into the coil, down into the base then out the air holes. I rewicked it, this time thicker which helped but didn't solve the problem completely.

    So for me, Its still a learning curve. the coil building and wicking I can do (and hopefully better) with some more practice.

    But once that biatch leaked a couple of times I had flashbacks of my Uwell Crown leaking and ain't nobody got time for that... (I shall return to it)

    I think its important to share others expereince, especially from a nOOb.
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    Its a bit like doing anything for the first time. You have heard about it, read about it, watched videos of other people doing it and your ready to give it a good try yourself. So, find something good and easy to practice on and although you will probably suck at it really bad the first few goes you will discover the complete and utter joy of building your own coils!!😂😂😂 it tastes so much better as well!!

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    My first rebuilding experience was on a reomizer rm2 i think. I would suggest buying a cheap 2 post rda for practicing with. They are super easy to build and you'll be a coil master in no time.

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    My first day in vaping was wrapping a coil in a subtank mini RBA, before i could even try vaping...the deep end. Apart from one prebuilt coil that came with a tank i bought (which i used for 30 minutes and jettisoned because it was crap compared to my rebuildable vape), ive never used prebuilt coils.....i specifically set out to start rebuilding to (health benefits aside) avoid recurring costs.

    I wouldnt want it any other way, cant imagine routinely forking out money for coils when i can wrap a little bit of wire myself in a few minutes, and stick a bit of cotton through it in a further few minutes...times go down as you gain experience...
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    i bought an RSST and an RDA off darth here

    tried the RSST first, completely blew away the protanks i'd been using [and everything else that was downward of that]

    then drilled out the airhole, and was blown away again

    queue this below incoming

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    any suggestions on a mod?
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    You can of course take the middle step of pre built coils and practising your wicking technique if you are uncomfortable winding your own coils.

    Personally I used factory coils (nautilus and non nautilus and Cubis) but because of their upgrade to cotton wicking I was forced to learn how to rebuild and rewick them? I wick with rayon. For them (because they are so small and thin wire) I use prebuilt Fasttech coils which are a couple of $ for a 50 pack.

    For other atomisers I have where I can put in a larger diameter coil I wind my own and rewick with rayon.

    Rayon wicking was the reason I changed and everything I Vape now is rewicked or recoiled. Better taste, suits my vaping technique and easy to do.
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    you can get a rebuildable head for your Joyetech AIO as well. I bought the AIO for my sister in law and a rebuildable head off the Cubis. Fits perfectly and no more buying coils!
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