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Thread: Wire, Voltage, resistance and general weird questions

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    Wire, Voltage, resistance and general weird questions

    Little back story first.. Ive been vaping for awhile and made the full switch (no analogues) in feb.
    I've basically been trying to get everyone i know who wants to quit to try out vaping.
    Successfully managed to get my neighbour (70 year old) to pick up vaping. That was easy enough. Gave her a pico 75w topped with a serpent mini.
    Every week i pick up her tank and chuck in a new coil and wick for her. Easy done. No questions ask, she happily toots away and has reduced her ciggie consumption to one stick a week (according to her, as a finger to her deteriorating lung. She has been diagnosed with some form of lung issues).

    Ive now got another friend onto vaping (gave her a smok tfv4 and an ipv5, probs not the best starter kit... lol) and she's been a real interesting person asking lots of questions which stump me (unlike neighbour who just toots away-no questions asked).

    Need some help here answering those damn questions. And have also directed her to this site. So shoutout to Jane if you're already here!

    1) on a regulated device, if i chuck in a 26ga 0.4 ohm coil and vape at 50 watts... Does that consume the same amount of battery power as say a 28ga (i.e. difference in number of wraps) also 0.4 ohm build and 50 watts?

    2) What are the differences between twisted wires, horizontal coils, vertical coils, spaced, contact etc.
    I've tried several of these different coiling and wicking techniques and found that i liked twisted coil. Why do i like it? I honestly dont know and i dont really care. Its so hard to describe why i prefer twisted 28ga ss316... i just do and im not the type of person to figure out why i like it.. if i do i do.... So i gave her a bunch of my prewound 28ga coils to get her going. But shes now asking what the difference is... i told her its got to do with the amount of contact with the wick and that a larger surface area = more vapour + flavour (?). lol. Correct me if im wrong. Never used vertical coils... so could answer as well.

    3) What does higher resistance or lower resistance do to the actual vapour production and flavour?
    Will a 0.5 ohm (24ga) differ from a 0.5 (26ga) ? My answer was that the ramp up time is different? LOL.

    Sorry for the heap of questions thrown out there at once.. Probably been answered a million times before as well.. lol. Thanks AVF.
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    1. Basically yes
    2. Surface contact, juice exposure and flow. Some coils will hold/trap juice and vaporise it whilst others will run solely off the wick.
    3. Resistance and Vapour flavour/production is about achieving a balance. Air flow will determine whether it produces more flavour or more vapour.
    A low resistance will require more power to vaporise than a higher resistance but air flow determines more flavour or vapour.



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