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    tesla invader 3 - too powerful or full range?

    I'm looking for a mod for my first coil build - I have set my sights on the tesla invader 3 because it looks great and seems to be capable of low to high range or is it?

    I'm a noob so maybe you can see faults in it that I can't and what would you suggest if so?

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    I've got one and love it.

    It's a solid little device, feels nice in the hand and is great to use.
    I've only ever used an RDA (tsunami) on it, with a couple of different builds.
    It is a powerful little beasty. With a single coil about .25 Ohm it is pretty warm even turned down low.
    But put a couple of 8-9 wrap 3.0mm claptons ~.37 Ohms and you can crank it up.
    I don't mind a warm vape and its got enough power to negate any ramp up time with biggish coils.
    With no read out there's no battery indication and I have vaped it flat before and the light flashes then shuts off.
    Also with no read out, you don't really know how much power your vaping on, but I just start low and wind it up to suit.
    It's got enough protection I'm not afraid of blowing my face off.

    I like mine around the house, if batteries die I've got some there and can just swap em out.
    Again I like dripping around the house, so with an RDA it works great.

    Would I recommend one?
    Depends what your putting on it and what you want to use it for and depends how you like to vape.

    It's not my daily beater, but i do enjoy using it.



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