Hi everyone!

So... I ordered an OhMega about 2 months ago (I think might be a little longer) and it FINALLY arrived. TBH it got to the point where I sorta forgot about it.

Before I bought it I googled a bunch of forums & blogs to find out if it fits onto my iStick Pico, but didn't find any info. That was quite a few weeks ago so it may have already been covered.

Just wanted to share my experience. .. It does! I am loving this tank, used it for 1 day now and there's no complaints here. No leaking (so far), easy to build, good quality workmanship, good flavours and most importantly IT FITS my Pico. There's a decent slither between the airhole & the battery lid. A tad too tall visually especially coz I had a serpent mini on it before.

Some pics for anyone interested/looking to find out.. i also took a few pics next to the Griffin & with DNA200


Pico+Serpent Mini - Close Up

Pico+OhMega full shot - lcd

Pico+OhMega full shot

Pico+OhMega full shot

Pico+OhMega close up seeee.... theres a slither of space, i can slide a piece of paper through this slither comfortably

OhMega+Griffin Side by Side - Base

OhMega+Griffin Side by Side

DNA200+OhMega full shot - LCD

DNA200+OhMega full shot

Happy vaping