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    Recommendation for an alternative to Ego-V V4 USB passthrough 1300mah

    Hello all

    I've had the Ego-V V4, originally sourced from Vapeking and it's spot on. It's rugged, works well and holds a good charge. The USB micro connector is very convenient because I can interchange that with my various phone chargers and there's frequently a spare USB micro-B charger lying around.

    That is until I dropped it into a sink. That unfortunately does not go well for these.

    I like the simple all in one battery style because it's a bit more discreet - it looks like a generic opthalmoscope battery for instance. It's also fairly disposable in a sense that I've dropped and been clumsy with many batteries and would hate to destroy an expensive mod/provari or such.

    Now it seems that SLB aren't making them anymore, and the few remaining in various places of the world are stupidly overpriced.

    Passthrough is great because I can go all day on the same battery - charging at home + vaping (or in the car).

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    Joy tech ego one?

    No idea other than that

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    Id suggest anything but the last line

    The Innokin endura T18 or T-22 (bigger battery) is a favourite around here.

    Also a few choices here: The Steamery | Starter Kits

    Top tip: find something you like and type it into VapeAssist

    You'll get lowest to highest pricing on gear here in Oz if you choose Australia as the country

    Vapeking will end up cheapest normally for the Endura gear, if not the others
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    What Style said. People seem to be having good experiences with the t-18 and the t-22

    Apart from that:

    The closest thing to the ego-V still available in Australia would be the Innokin iTaste VV4. It's square instead of round, $45 from Vapeking. I've used an iTaste and it's nice that they don't roll away when you put them down.

    Fasttech still have the ego-V V4 in stock for less than $24, but the free international shipping on anything with batteries is a bit difficult at the moment - it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get to you.
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