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Thread: What charger are you using?

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    What charger are you using?

    I am looking for an 18650 charger that is fast and was wondering what you are using?


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    You need to know the amp charge rating of the batteries most decent chargers can charge at a 2a cycle but it all depends if the batteries can handle the charge rate

    And it comes down to the mAH rating of the batteries
    Higher will always take longer
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    Efest LUC 4 seems to be flavour of the month: Efest LUC V4 Smart Charger
    It will charge longer cells (18650 etc) at 1 amp and shorter cells at 500mA, which is recommended.

    It depends on what you are using at the moment as to whether you think this is "fast". Most bigger cells (> 2000mAh) will handle a 2A charge as that's only a 1C charge, but faster is not necessarily better - the faster the charge the more heat is generated in the battery, and that ages it faster.
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    For multiple cells I use the Xtar VC4, for singles I use MC1.
    Pays to do some research

    This looks interesting.

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    This: Soshine 18650 AU S1 max-III (Ver 3) Rapid Charger for 1 - 4 Lithium ion Battery | eBay

    Great charger from Supersports600 on Ebay. Supersports600 is a trusted source for batteries and chargers at a good price, also a member of the forum I believe.
    Very happy with this charger!
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    xtar vc4 is mine at home
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    Soshine S1max, version 3.0

    Got it from supersports600 on ebay, 50 bucks delivered.

    I ordered mine in the morning and it was delivered same day at about 3pm.

    >>Link here <<

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    I've got a Nitecore i2 and an Efest LUC V6 charger. At the moment I'm using the LUC V6 and it operates as I want it to. Has 6 bays and charges all 6 bays at 0.68amp and cuts off charging at 4.2v.

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    Xtar VC2 Plus Master (2 bay)...excellent kit... is my weapon of choice...only have one mod that uses changeable batteries though So I rotate the 4 batteries i have through it in pairs - choice of 0.5 or 1Amp charging - 1 Amp charing is the highest i would ever go on 18650's personally. I think ive used it only once when i was stuck, the rest of the time im happy to leave it on 0.5 and wait 5 hours (3000mah 30Q Pinkies)

    It does fully stop charging when the batteries are full too, some chargers dont. You also get a time estimate for the end of charge time, some people would prefer capacity charged/voltage, but me i like remaining time

    Also does pass through charging to usb devices, or you can even stick an 18650 or two in the slots and use it as a powerbank...
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    Okay, thanks for the ideas. Does it really matter what charger you use in regards to battery health?

    I am confused by the wide variety of choices and prices. It seems like a lot of vells and whistles to me but I am a noob so possibly I could be wrong.

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