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Thread: Best MTL/DL Flavor Chasing Tank for AL85?

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    Best MTL/DL Flavor Chasing Tank for AL85?

    3 months ago I started vaping. On an Endura T18.

    In the beginning I was happy, and have no desire to go back to smelling like a wet ashtray, but for some reason the T18 just doesn't cut it anymore, and I am ready for the next step.

    It's mostly the size/shape of the pen and the vapor production delay/amount I have a beef with.

    Not a cloud chaser, but when I have to hold it active for 4-6sec to get enough vapor for a satisfying MTL hit , I'm clearly not on the right rig. Not to mention, that usage runs hot. Too hot not to notice.

    I'm a bit of a weekend chain-vaper. Working long hours in front of a computer, and can easily chuck through 6-10ml in a day even on my current 1.8ohm coils.

    I've already decided on the AL85 mod, predominantly for its size/aesthetics and raving reviews - now I just need to find the right tank. Feel stuck in analysis paralysis on this part.

    I went to my local Vapeshop, but wasn't particularly happy with the selection of mods or service I received, and it felt like a "Cleito (Old) or nothing" push, more due to their limited selection, than an objective advice.

    I tried it, and found it spitty and not really restrictive enough in the draw even when airflow was down. Close though. (It could of course be biased from only knowing a world of 1.8ohm) Flavor was phenomenal and smooth. Miles ahead of what i'm used to, so I have no doubt it's the right direction.

    What is your advice? What would be a great tank for a 50/50 MTL/DL that occasionally chain vapes?
    Or am I being too demanding and need to just accept that 1 mod/tank doesn't cut it for my usage style?

    Currently looking at the following tanks:
    SMOK Spirals Plus
    Sense Herakles Pro
    Aspire Cleito 120
    Aspire Nautilus 2
    Uwell Crown3

    I was concidering the Cleito EXO as well, but I hear the lowest draw is equivalent to the Cleito 120 on mid air flow, so probably not restrictive enough for me either, even though I do love the design.

    Lifetime of coils and juice are obvious considerations as well.

    Any recommendations/tips?

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    Jump on YouTube watch some reviews on the tanks you are considering.

    Ask yourself a couple of Questions:
    * Do you want to build you own coils or possibly in the future?
    * How big do you want the tank to be?

    I like a good balance between flavour and clouds also something I can rebuild on or buy pre-made coils so the Smok TFV8 Big Baby ticks all the boxes for me.
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    Your problem is that you are wanting 1 tank to do 2 different types of vaping. A good MTL tank will never be a good DL tank and the same in reverse.
    You would be much better off buying 2 different tanks
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    I have the cleito and the crown flavor of the cleito is on point. Draw is super loose definitely a dl tank. The crown i only liked with the .5 coils is a touch tighter than the cleito flavor is also on point. Crown has better clouds cleito better flavor imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captive View Post
    Your problem is that you are wanting 1 tank to do 2 different types of vaping. A good MTL tank will never be a good DL tank and the same in reverse.
    You would be much better off buying 2 different tanks
    What about the SMOK TFV4 micro...that has the potential to do both...I think...
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