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Thread: Wismec Noisy Cricket

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    Wismec Noisy Cricket

    hi just ordered a Wismec Noisy Cricket v1. anyone own/use one what are your thoughts ? also this is my first in series mech any suggestions for building for 8.4v> i like a warm vape 50/50 flavour/clouds. it has glowing reviews and for under $20 i thought it was worth a go, but have always read never stack batteries. Anyone know is there a difference between stacking batteries (as in a long tube mod) to in series (like most 2x18650 reg. mods) looking forward to hearing any thoughts on this topic cheers.

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    This happened to both my noisy crickets, its a really really sh!t button design, you can get a replacement/upgraded button thats thicker plastic buts its sh!t too...keep the threads on both the button and hybrid top cap clean as they are very poorly machined and will stick...if you only want a warm vape build around the .7ohms or even 1 ohm...running batteries in series and stacking them is the same thing,nothing wrong with stacking batteries, people have been stacking batteries in flashlights for a long time,use good batteries and make sure they are married /paired batteries and only use those batteries in the noisy cricket...know your ohms law and don't blow your face off mate...
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    Do you have an ohm meter? I have the geekvape 521 tab, and find it to be a solid, dependable, accurate (Although I don't build below 0.2Ω) meter/build platform.

    I was lucky enough to receive a V2 as a PIF from the wonderful Dogman, and love it. At 0.25Ω It is scorchingly hot, and kicks like a mule. LNB's advice of 0.7Ω or higher is on the money, at least until you have more experience.

    There are other very knowledgeable members here, but if you follow the advice of Dogman and LNB, you will be alright.
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    It's a great mod but you have to know exactly and I mean EXACTLY what you're doing to keep your face and hands intact.
    Don't go below .4 (at .4 it's f**king hot vape) a build that works well is fused claptons 28/28/32. You can either make your own or buy a spool of pre-made Clapton wire from ud 8 wraps of fused Clapton 3mm Id should be around 0.41-0.5. Starting out I'd recommend duel 14wraps of 24g kanthal 3.5id. it should come out to about 0.6-0.55 just to get a feel for how it hits.
    Check for shorts, I was tired and made a quick build which was touching the airflow of a rda. Melted the coil and my battery got extremely hot really quick. Don't build coils on it, use a regulated device pulse coils check the ohms with a mod or ohm reader. wick and juice then put it on the nc.
    It's not a dangourous mod if you know what your doing.

    There is no difference between stacking batteries and putting them in series.

    It was my first mech and I enjoyed it but now I prefer my geek vape mech Pro, parrellel mech box mod hits hard but a different beast to series.

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    S@#T switch, as LNB stated. You can get aftermarket ones though.
    I noticed arcing on mine. Bit scared after that.
    Good cheap mod otherwise. Have a look around for the better switches and you've got a winner

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