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    Did sigelei ever fix the 213 TC mode issues?

    Hi there and thanks for reading my first topic.

    I found the beautiful gold sigelei 213 at a bargain price, and to me it's aesthetically and ergonomically such a beautiful mod.. But i'm a tootle puffer 90% of the time in MTL mode.. Therefore the 155 "real" watts max doesn't phase me in the slightest as i am usually 40 and under with various types of nickel or SS316 coils. I tend to vape up to 440 faranheit, i know it's weird being an aussie, but I am just used to it now more cause of all the reviews doing faranheit.

    Now in DJLSB's reviews, which were ages ago, TC mode in the 213 completely broken in more ways than one.. there has been discussion about it at various forums including here. Also i can't see any firmware updates, even though sigelei does have a firmware "master" app.

    So does anyone know if they did anything internally on future revisions to fix the 213 TC mode? I have a snowwolf 365 and it's great, but thats never something I would take out due to it's monster size. Also i played around with a friend's kaos and that seems ok too. But the form factor and looks of the gold/black 213 are what specifically apeals to me, hence the topic.

    if they never fixed it, i might get a cuboid tap instead. That seems like a nice form factor for a good price too. The 213 i found is 35 USD shipped to OZ, brand new. That's cheap, that's like 50 bucks for the gold edition.
    Cant find a TAP near that price, but they do seem about 45 USD shipped so not that much more.


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    -resistance reading (manual)
    - bright screen
    -consistent on regular TC and doesnt jump to Wattage on SS like Joyetech.
    i don't use TCR/TFR.

    -poor quality electronics
    -my 213 is now reporting "imbalanced batteries" even if they're not. Now its a useless device outlived by my Cuboid and RX200.

    I wouldn't buy another Sigelei product nor even accept a free 213. I've read positive reviews of the Snow Wolf and maybe thats an exception.
    35 USD is the real value of a 213 and maybe even a Fuchai.

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    I know it's a fiddly head.... but have you thought of switching the electronics out of something with known longevity, like the cuboid, and sticking them in the sigelei?

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