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Thread: Options for a quadriplegic vaper

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    I don't know if this applies to the person in question but we had a quad friend a while back who had quite a high break and his ability to inhale/suck was also impaired. He smoked but it was not the same action as an able bodied person with chest wall muscles.

    Any auto inhale vapes may need a stronger inhale to activate than may be possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatman View Post
    More google Foo revealed one I hadnt seen before

    you can even get it locally
    Tez has one of these and I got to try it - it was really quite good, better than the icare imo. It could work well with the harp holder idea.
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    gotta love AVF.
    Doesn't matter how hard the vape question is or how werid.
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    Me, I'd have to ask why does it have to be suck-started and limiting the options?

    Have the thing sitting in a cradle, a 'button' on the button and tilt to toot. Make it lift to toot so gravity doesn't make it fire by itself. To change or adjust or refill it'd be as simple as whatever is currently available to anyone.

    Nothing special really required, and there's probably something already out there for 'whatever' that can be readily adapted to suit.

    Probably something that takes pre-made coils and uses a slide to refill would be best. Eleaf probably has something that'll fit the bill perfectly but that's not the only possible option (but about where I'd start and stop my search myself.)

    Hope that helps,

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    Hi there DanP,
    I have a few devices (iCare, iCare mini and the Aspire Breeze) that others have suggested that has auto activation by inhaling on the mouth piece. I'm not home yet (still stuck at work) but when I get home I'll take some photos for comparison and give you some details on them and what I think may be the better option

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    Options for a quadriplegic vaper


    I'll try to keep it as simple as possible and hopefully enough details for you to decide if one of these units will help your mate.

    Here are the units: from left or right.
    icare mini Portable charging case, iCare mini and the Aspire Breeze.

    Out of the 3 units the icare and icare mini are the same height, the Breeze is slightly taller (15-20mm) and much fatter and heavier than the other two. Dimensions are:
    iCare - 30x14x75mm
    iCare mini - 24.5x12x75mm
    Breeze - 33x18x93mm

    I found the iCare you needed a stronger pull to activate the device as compared to the Aspire Breeze. iCare/icare mini has a much more tight and restricted airflow which is also adjustable. The people that I've let tried the icare/icare mini wasn't really fond of them as they needed take a deep pull like doing direct lung when they just wanted to do a quick inhale without much effort to get their nic hit. The Aspire Breeze on the other hand has less restricted airflow than the iCare and didn't take much effort to activate the device. Unfortunately there's no airflow to adjust but I find it suitable for MTL(mouth to lung). It also has a button for manual activation as well.

    Here are some specs for comparison of thei juice capacity and battery capacity.
    icare mini - 1.3ml tank with 320mAH battery
    (Portable Charging Cradle/case holds 2300mAh battery)
    iCare - 1.8ml tank with 650mAH battery
    Aspire Breeze - 2ml tank also with 650mAH battery

    Good thing about all 3 units is that it allows you to use the device while you're charging it via USB. The icare mini you can use it while on the Cradle. The Aspire also has a charging cradle too but its optional. The Aspire cradle doesn't allow you to use it while it's charging on the cradle unlike the icare mini. These units will most likely won't last a whole day use. Half day at most on constant vaping.

    Changing Coils on these units are same. Using the removable mouth piece as a unscrewing tool to unscrew the chimney piece to attach the coil. Filling from the top so there shouldn't be too much of a mess. I found the icare lack in flavour and nicotine delivery so like most I had to increase my nic on the icare device. I haven't experienced any spit back on the icare but it does make crackling noise which is normal
    The Aspire Breeze is quiet and performs well. Flavour is nice, plenty of vapour and I wasn't required to increase my nic in this device to get my daily nic intake.

    I know they've released newer versions of the iCare but I haven't tried them myself so I can't really tell you how they compare to the Breeze or older models. For your mate I would recommend the Aspire Breeze over the other 2 iCare as it's a much better unit in terms of delivering flavour, nicotine and most important the auto activation doesn't require much effort to get it to fire.
    Only thing I dislike about the Aspire Breeze is that the bottom of the device isn't flat so it won't stand up. Beside from that, I find it's a really good portable unit. Oh another thing I forgot to mention is that Aspire Breeze is much heavier than icare units. Icare mini is 40g, icare is 55g and Breeze is a whooping 80g. Twice the weight of the icare mini so keep that in mind if you're planning to make some sort of cradle or holder for it.

    I don't know if I've cover everything you need to know. If you need any other info on these devices, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them.

    Below are just some comparison photos.

    (Left - icare coil, Right - Aspire Breeze coil. The Aspire Breeze has big wicking holes and haven't had any issues with dry hits when I was chain vaping it)

    (Aspire portable charging cradle - I don't have one so borrowed a pic from the web)

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