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Thread: RDA recommendations

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    RDA recommendations

    Ok so i've never been hugely into RDA's felt they were too time consuming and not really my thing.
    But i dusted off an old Igo-L i had kicking about drilled out of course and have been digging it.

    So got me to thinking thats a good 5 or so year old now and the juice well is tiny so as im not up to date on these types of things.
    Was wondering what people suggestions would be for a nice clone dripper, i kinda like the Bonza but will wait for a clone some time down the track
    but for now any suggestions would be appreciated mostly single coil but would mind if it had capacity to do both single and double with the ability to adjust the airflow.

    I have been looking at the Hadaly clone

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    Depends how much air you want, if you'd prefer clamps or screws, horizontal or vertical coils, what diameter, etc.

    Hadaly clones are a good place to start - generally pretty well made, moderate airflow range, and most people find them pretty easy to build. Personally, I wasn't a fan though because I found the clips (for holding the coil legs) a pain to deal with (note : most people actually love the clamp / clip system on the Hadaly) and the air a bit too open. They're quite good for a restricted lung hitter / direct lung though.

    For something a bit tighter, I really like the Le Concorde clone. The single airhole on that is closer to a drilled out (assuming you used a 2 - 2.5mm bit) older atty, making it a fair bit tighter than most of what's out there these days. You can also fit dual coils in it, if they're wound in opposite directions.

    For something with a bit of range (and that rocks at squonking) I like the O-Atty V2 clone. Easy to build with single or dual coils, decently built (though screws are a bit crap - it pays to have replacements on hand), good flavour (if you raise the coils a tiny bit), and decent range on the airflow (from MTL to restricted lung hit).

    I've also heard great things about the Armor and the Flave - they're apparently good flavour oriented attys, around restricted DL in airflow. Not used either myself (or their respective clones) though - I tend to like things a bit tighter than what they can do.

    If you like the Bonza - it's cheap so you may as well grab the authentic (it's been out for ages, so if there were going to be clones of it, they'd be out by now. Actually, from memory, I think there were... but I don't think they sold well because they weren't that much cheaper than the real thing). Huge wide open (like, seriously WIIIIIIIIIDE OOOOOOOPEN) airflow and lots of clampy clamp action on that one - it's very much a direct lung hitter geared towards maximum clouds in a modern sense!

    The Drop is another option in the same style - different deck, but still wide open full DL airflow. Apparently it's also a very good atty in a similar genre vape-style wise as the Bonza (can't say from experience though as that's not my type of vape).

    Don't worry... you'll have a shelf full soon enough.... .
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    These things.

    I have some things.
    I vape them.

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    If you've drilled an igo-l, you'll still get a good vape. For dual coil, Origen's were always a good option (not sure if they are still available though)
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    I really couldn't get into the Hadaly despite the positive reviews.

    You will probably get lots of suggestions but my fav single coil restricted DL RDA's are the NarDA and NarCA. Probably NarCA as first
    preference nowadays but I still use both.

    Some other good ones are:
    Le Concorde (as fractal mentioned is a good restricted airflow RDA. Great flavour but a bit restricted for me)
    Le Supersonic (great flavour and airier than the Le Concorde but its 24mm)
    Gambit RDA
    Pocket RDA
    Armor RDA

    The O-Atty is good for flavour (both the original and V2) but I'm not a huge fan of the screws and the way they have done the deck on
    the V2. The clone I bought was rubbish.

    I buy pretty much all the single restricted DL RDA's when they are cloned and they are my top picks of 2017/18 so far.....for the way I
    build and my vaping style
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    Thanks guys much appreciated, plenty to check out im more of a restricted lung hit to MTL style tootler. And yeah the vape is good coming out of the Igo the juice well it what annoys me. This is why i came to the experts to ask not those muppets on youtube, despite liking the look of the Bonza and being slightly patriotic i think the airflow would be too open for me. Thanks again cheers guys
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