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Thread: Newbie vaper buying vape products

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    Newbie vaper buying vape products

    Hi there, just starting out on vaping. Any bit of advice on purchasing vape devices, juices, mods, etc...?
    What are some average prices I should expect for a good quality brand? How do i know if i'm getting jipped of my money?
    Any advice would be great!

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    Some popular vendors in Oz
    best vape juice and eliquid products and supplies for e-cigs australia wide

    You'll need to get juice from overseas if you want nicotine in it as the laws in Oz haven't caught up with the rest of the world yet

    I'd be looking at some sort of starter kit first up to see if you like vaping first and that way you won't be spending heaps, so check out what those vendors have to get an idea how much you'll be spending. Postage is another factor to consider but it's not to bad in Australia. Once you order a starter kit have a look at getting some juice with nicotine already in it from either of those two overseas juice sellers, postage is more expensive from overseas but we have no choice.

    See how you go mate and ask questions here if you get stuck.
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    Find a local Vape shop and look em in the eye. I'd generally avoid tobacconists because most of them carry Vape stuff as a sideline and don't really know the product. If you can't walk out of there vaping for a hundred bucks or less there's something wrong. Wick and Wire Co in VIC got me started, and I hear good things about Vapoureyes in SA, but there's great local shops popping up all over. If you're stuck with online just go for an Aussie company and check their starter kit page.

    For starter kits you have two options, either a Vape pen style mouth to lung kit for under fifty bucks, or a mod and tank kit for under a hundred. I'd avoid skwonkers as a first Vape.

    I've seen the innokin Endura t20-s for as low as $30, but you'll probably pay $35, so you can pick up some Nic free juice and have something to toot on for under fifty bucks to try it out. If you take it up as a serious alternative to smoking you'll outgrow it, but still have a nice pocketable little pen Vape for when you're out and about. (Pairs well with Nic salts, but again I'd avoid them as a first Vape.)

    As stated above, order your Nic juices from overseas. For customer service though nothing beats your local vape shop.



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