The MC3 charger is a USB charger in as much as it needs a USB port to plug into. This by itís very nature means that the abilities of the USB power source will to a great effect determine charge current. In other words you can not put out more than comes in ( current / power ). So if you donít want to charge batteries at high current, you simply use a USB adapter with a lower current level. A little primitive as far as current selection goes, but very effective when you want to control a charger with no manual settings. I tend to use a USB Charge Doctor ( USB current meter ) to keep an eye on charge current as it is a very visual means of seeing when charging is complete.

It seems that the charge doctor reports very close to the charge going into the batteries. So if I see 1A at the charge doctor then it is almost a given that 1A is going into the batteries, how ever that current is divided between the batteries. So far with my USB power adapters the highest current I have seen is around 3A.

So from what I saw on the meters , the charger holds the current and voltage slowly rises . Once the desired voltage is reached then the charge current begins to drop. This happens in stages and there might be some overlap as voltage and current are adjusted by the charger.

The MC3 is simply great and does a really good job of charging my 18650. The build quality is really good, the sliders are firm and smooth with no binding . The bottom line is , so far I have found nothing to complain about. For the MC3, 10 out of 10 Xtar.

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