Hi everybody,

I have been vaping for a few years, and I am into cigalikes (not a popular choice, I know!. I basically started with the Liberro Realis. When the product got discontinued, I switched to the AussieBlue Endurance G2, and when that got discontinued too, I switched to the Kamry KeCig (https://www.gearbest.com/starter-kits/pp_612108.html). I was very happy - I finally found a cigalike with a vaporiser (not a cartomiser!) Now the charger case stopped working and (more problematically) I run out of my stock of coil heads (atomisers). Coils for Kamry KeCig are basically impossible to find (and the Kamry sales people stopped answering emails - their website is still active, but I wonder whether they are actually still active on the market). To cut a long story short - I'm looking for a replacement.

I want something that actually looks like a cigarette, which I can keep between two fingers (cigalikes), possibly with a vaporiser so that I can refill with e-liquid, and for which coils (if required) are easy to buy online - and possibly with a compact case-charger like the Kamry KeCig. Unfortunately, most of the cigarette-like products seem to support only disposable cartomisers, and that's not the way I want to go.

I am here looking for suggestions. Are you aware of any kit that suit my needs - that is, cigalikes with vaporisers (and coils easy to find)? Suggestions and recommendations are very welcome!